A healthy, simple and easy drink made from the New Zealand's famous Kiwi Fruit.

Ingredients –

3-4 Kiwi fruits peeled
200 gms Thick Yogurt
50 ml Fresh Cream
10 ml Honey
20 gms Sugar

Method -

1. Cut the kiwi fruit roughly and put in a blender. 
2. Add in the yogurt, fresh cream for richness, honey and sugar.
3. Blitz the mixture into a proper liquid consistency.
4. Keep in the fridge to chill.
5. Serve in a tall glass with some dices of the kiwi fruit at the bottom for texture.

Note -
1. Keep little kiwi fruit and cut them into small dices for garnish to be put in the glass while serving.
2. If you think the mixture is very thick, add a little milk to it to thin it down.