My Review on Levo Restaurant - Mumbai.

Levo, the place which recently opened up like about 6-7 months ago is seem to being heard alot among my friends,
which made me to go here and try the food.
To be honest, dint have much but some of their amazing starters and a salad and a main...thats it, but whatever i had was totally worth it.

To start with, the place has a indoor, an outdoor and a banquet kinda room for a get together or may be a function.
While entering, there is an encounter with a big door and when you cross it, there is this beautiful place waiting for you.

The ambiance of the place is sober, simple and kind of elegant according to me, there is a bar with some bar chairs where one can enjoy a drink with some snacks.
The staff was quite helpful and adequate knowledge about the dishes they were serving, they helped me on what to order as the dishes are soo confusing, its hard to decide what to have and what not to have.

To begin with came the Veg Levo Salad,( made on request) a simple salad but great in taste, not much in the salad, this shows that less ingredients make a great dish.

The starters included, barbeque chicken, mince lamb kebab, french pissaladiere.

The Barbeque Chicken which had an amazing fragrant of cardamon and flavored with cheese was just soo moist, juicy, i was liked cooked to perfection i must say.

The Mince Lamb Kebab, small in shape, spicy, had that effect of black pepper hitting the throat, it was a bit on the dry side. but taste wise it was really good.

The final French Pissaladiere, i must say that this is one dish you dont wanna miss, it taste just fantastic, the caramelized onion and olive dip on top of the bread tasted out of the world.

This ends the starters, and it was time for the mains.
The order was only for a veg green thai curry with jasmine fragrant rice.
The curry was a bit runny, could have been a little thick, but apart from that it was the best i have had till date in bombay.
the vegetables had a bit of a crunch, the flavor of the coconut was not overpowering and complimented the jasmine rice.

Overall if have to say, the place is a total paisa vasool, the food is delicious, the ambiance is pretty nice, helpful staff.

Now the question is, will i go here again? , surely to try out other dishes and the for some more food.