A Date With Kiwi

It is said that 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away', it not always apple according to me now, I guess all the fruits help in the same. For me the quote now is 'A fruit a day keeps the doctor away'.

One fruit that comes to my mind when it comes to the health factor is the Golden Kiwi from the land of Kiwis - New Zealand.
New Zealand is one place, known for its amazing food, fruits and wines. It is said that the best lamb meat can be found in New Zealand, the best Kiwis can be found in New Zealand and more, some of the finest wines can also be found in New Zealand.

Recently there has been a tagline, that I have been hearing 'Wake up to the Golden Kiwi​ Sunrise at the Sofitel Mumbai BKC'

So I got a chance to visit Sofitel Mumbai BKC, where the hotel infuses Golden Kiwi in all its outlets this season. Enticing your taste buds to the flavors of this exquisite and lovely fruit, for which the hotel will make innovative creations to pair up the flavour of the kiwi with others.

Before that, first some information about the Golden Kiwi.
The Golden Kiwi is a luscious bold fruit, easily identified because of its smooth skin. It can be held at an eating firmness for several weeks at between 0.0°C and 1.0°C. This is a key feature of this new variety which improves convenience and consumer eating experience. With a refreshingly sweet and a slightly tangy taste, it forms a great combination.

Some Key Benefits of Golden Kiwi:

· It gives the taste buds a tart flavor

· It is safe for diabetics as well as health conscious individuals

· It has essential vitamins and minerals making it a full meal

· Containing actinidin, the fruit helps in digestion and relieves bloating.

Enticing one’s taste buds to the flavors of this exotic fruit; Sofitel Mumbai BKC culinary expert has combined the goodness of the Golden and Green kiwifruits to prepare a menu of exquisite beverages, appetizers, mains and desserts. Some of the dishes to celebrate the Kiwi festival features an intriguing Kiwi roll (Golden kiwi, carrot, glass noodle in spiced fish sauce or Honey pepper soya sauce), a delicious Kiwi Bruschetta (garlic brushed, kiwi, avocado and chilies), a scrumptious Kiwi Quinoa Salad (healthy salad with quinoa, kiwi, celery, tahina, tomato and spring onion), a zesty Kiwi Roesti (sweet potato, shitake and carrot, leek, mushroom and kiwi ragout) and more.

It was an afternoon, when I reached the place and noticed that there was a friend of mine as well, and many other who were invited in order to dive in the flavors of Kiwi. I was welcome by the Director of CRIESSE Communication - Mr Dennis Taraporewale.
Everyone got into getting to know each other, there was interaction, luck me, I got a chance to meet the General Manager of the Hotel - Mr Biswajit Chakraborthy. It was a pleasure talking to him and getting to know him. 

Soon the event started and everyone gathered around the bar and took their seat. It started of with , Mr. Indrajit Saha, Executive Chef of Sofitel Mumbai BKC telling us something about the event and how the inspiration of using the fruit Kiwi came from and how it was used in various ways. He also gave us some knowledge about the fruit, the benefits and the dishes which were to demonstrated today. He also mentioned that, “We at the Sofitel Mumbai BKC are always in the process of creating healthy options for our connoisseurs and guests. The SunGold kiwifruit is a luscious bold fruit, easily identified because of its smooth skin. With a refreshingly sweet and a slightly tangy taste, it forms a great combination for a number of dishes. Having a low glycaemic index and low calorie content, the fruit is Diabetic friendly and helps in maintaining ones weight. The nutritional value provides one with the essential nutrients for growth and vitality.”

Along with Executive Chef - Indrajit Saha, we also had the hotels Mixologist - Kelvis who was going to demonstrate, some of his drinks creations with the Kiwi fruit.

First on the menu was the Kiwi Bruschetta, a traditional Italian starter to which a different twist was given using simple ingredients like Kiwi, Avocado and some Garlic.
Must say that it is one of the best Bruschettas I have had till date, it had an amazing flavor, buttery texture from the avocado and a bit of sweetness from the Kiwi which balanced it out and took it to another level.

Then there was another healthy dish demonstrated by the chef, there is a traditional salad, 'Som Tam' which has a dressing of fish sauce, cilantro stems, garlic, lime juice and palm sugar and is a thai papaya salad and consists cherry tomatoes, beans, peanuts, chillies.
But the chefs at Sofitel Mumbai Bkc had given it their twist and replaced the cherry tomatoes with the kiwi in it to make it a 'Kiwi Tam'.
The salad was very refreshing, had a crunch from the beans, the sweetness from the kiwi, the sourness from the raw papaya and the smell from the cilantro stems, which all made it just a perfect salad to have .

After the 'Magic' was over by the chef, it was time for the Mixologist to show his tricks behind the bar, where he actually belongs, which is the playground for him.
To start of with, it was the Kiwi Mania.
The Kiwi Mania consisted of the puree kiwi, mango pulp, sour mix, some vodka and basil. It is said that 'with simple ingredients, the true flavors and the feeling of having the dish is realised.'

To end the show, there was one more drink which Kelvis showed us, known as the 'Kiwi Cooler'.
This simple creation consisted of just mint leaves, kiwi pulp, sour mix and soda water. 
With the help of this 4 ingredients and the brains, there was an amazing drink created by Kelvis.
The drink was just lacking little flavor of the Kiwi, I was not getting the taste that much, but it was a good drink I would say, not great.

But there is one thing, when there are big foodies around, how can we leave the table without another drink, so me and other foodie bloggers along with me asked for another drink, my all time favorite 'Mojito' but not a simple one, it was a 'Kiwi Mojito'.
While Kelvis was making the drink, there was some chit chat going on with him and getting to know about the other flavors that will go along with the kiwi fruit.
I must say, that the 'Kiwi Mojito' was one of the best drinks I had tried, and the best Mojito till date.

This was a Food Event, how can the foodies leave the area without trying out some food ?.
There was some snacks prepared for the bloggers and the people invited, and all the snacks had an element of 'Kiwi' in it. There was use of kiwi in each of them in some way or the other.

Some of the snacks were a simple Tomato Sandwich with Kiwi, and as I had the first bite, I was astonished, with the amazing flavors.
Another was the tried and tasted not tested the Kiwi Tam Salad, it was very refreshing and I couldn't stop having it after already tasting it once.

After all this, it was time for the Bye Bye and Meet you again and all the See Offs, which I guess is one of the things people hate at such places where there is amazing food, amazing people around, fun and interaction.

This event was only possible because of people I met, who made it amazing, and specially Sofitel Mumbai - Bkc for hosting it and promoting the fruit in such a way and spreading awareness that a lot more can be done with a simple but beautiful fruit like 'Kiwi'.

A very big thank you to the staff at Sofitel, for the lovely hospitality, the arrangements made, the amazing knowledge provided and having a fun, interactive and lovely day.