Cranberry Daiquiri

When the climate is very hot, everyone wants something cold, chilled to drink, either with their food or just like that to beat the heat. The same thing happend with me before I came up with this drink. It is quite easy, minimal ingredients, and i would say a perfect way to beat the heat outside and inside.

Ingredients - 
45 ml - White Rum (eg. Bacardi)
7 ml - Lemon Juice
10 ml Sugar Syrup
60 ml to 65 ml - Cranberry Juice
Ice as required
Orange slice for garnish.

Method - 
1. Take the serving glass and put ice in it and let it chill.
2. In a cocktail shaker, measure in all the ingredients and put some ice.
3. Cover the shaker, and shake well.
4. Throw the ice from the glass and keep it ready.
5. Strain the cocktail into the glass and garnish with orange slice.
6. Serve chilled.

Note - 
1. The alcohol can be avoided, just increase the amount of cranberry juice and add in some fizzy water.