A Day In A Chefs Life

I had no interest in cooking and never imagined that I would become a chef until I turned twelve. It all happened when I used to watch my dad cook in the kitchen. I still remember my dad cooking Chinese food for my tenth birthday party as all the friends had come over to celebrate it with me. Every second Sunday, he used to heat up the sigdi (similar to a barbeque) and cook biryani, chicken tandoori and a lot more dishes. It used to be so much of fun to watch him cook and then eat the same later.

It was after that, I decided to give cooking a try. The first thing that I ever made was 'tea' with the help of my mom. After that I used to spend most of my time in the kitchen, watching my mom and Dadi (Grandmother) cook food and also ask them to feed me. During college, my friends used to study and I used to cook food.

I’ve always wanted to share this with you all. Not sure how many of you’ll will like it or not, but to be honest, it’s what I feel. Many people think that a chef’s everyday life is only being in the kitchen, cooking food from morning to night.

Here is something I want to share: A day in a Chef’s life- Taking you into a day in my life of being a chef.

To begin with, I would like to tell you a bit about where I work and what I do. I work at Holachef.com, which is a food delivery service where the menu changes every day and one can just order food and have it delivered at their doorstep. My main job is to take care of the kitchen, make sure the food goes out in time and is packed properly, in short what the head chef does. More about the work, the blog will tell you.

A usual day of mine begins with reaching the kitchen, changing in the uniform and taking an update from staff on the food. Getting the food ready and pushing the staff for the same. At the same time, the produce which was ordered a day prior is received and checking and my vendors always tell me 'Sir Autograph dedo, maal barabar hai :P'. Once the lunch is ready and packed, it’s time for dispatching the food to various centers. It is here that I make sure each center gets their portions properly and there is no issues about food shortage later. Also there is a lot of shouting that takes place, hindi main bole to gali galoch :P.

Once the food is gone out, its lunch time, everyone sits together to eat food, have a chat and share knowledge with each other. It’s now time to start with the dinner preparation, cook the food and get it packed. While the staff is busy with the prep, the store is being checked and all the things that are to be ordered are noted down. (I keep eating something or the other from the store now and then while checking it :P)

Time passes by and the food is almost ready while half of it is getting packed. Tasting of the food is happening simultaneously and adjustments are being made. There’s so much that happens in that heated place where the flames are high, the aromas of food can be smelled in the entire kitchen. Dinner is ready, packed and it’s time for dispatch again. The same process continues like it does in the mornings.

As the food is going out, on the other side of the kitchen the preparation for the next day takes place. While all of this is happening outside in the kitchen, I sit and plan for the next day, make the ordering sheet, the produce needed, everything that we require to make outstanding food is noted down. The prep is done, it’s time to close the kitchen, making sure the cleaning happens, the storing of food is proper and lastly for the staff to go home and rest for the next day's action.

Before ending my day, orders are placed, the fridges and cabinets are being checked. Pending work like planning the duty rota, recipe designing and menu planning is done. And it’s time to say goodnight to the kitchen and go back home and get ready for the next day’s action and food.

Many people think that chef’s eat extravagant food every day, but trust me, all I eat after returning home is simple food- Dal Chawal (lentils and Rice).

This is what my every day looks like, I’m sorry to bore you with my story, but in case you liked it, do let me know, and even if you didn’t, don’t hesitate to tell me. How much boring or tiring the task of a chef is, I love working and spending my time at work. Upon returning home, mom says 'tu ghar kya sirf soone aata hai ?' (You come home only to sleep ?), but its what I enjoy doing.

I did forget to mention this above, a Chefs Life is full of fun, awesome food and the best thing is, you are always surrounded by food. There is food everywhere you see in the kitchen. (ok, that was a little extra.)

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  1. A chefs day starts in kitchen and ends with kitchen. They cook food whole day. Its some kind of boring job. You may need to cook same dishes several times in a day.


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