Spaghetti Carbonara

People say that making pasta is one of the easiest things and simplest dishes. I would agree to this at some point, it depends what pasta type of sauce you are making, a simple mornay sauce or a bolognese sauce.
Keeping this in mind here I have is a simple recipe of Spaghetti Carbonara, this is my version. Traditionally bacon or pancetta is used in the making of this, but I avoided it and kept it pretty simple. Though you can go ahead and add the bacon if you like, it does add a little extra flavor to the dish and takes it to another level.

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Now back to the recipe.
So the below are the ingredients you will need to make this wonderful, simple dish. Just remember this recipe will give you 2 portions, so you and your partner or friend and enjoy it.

Spaghetti - 200 gms
Egg yolk - 4
Cooking Cream - 100 ml
Parmesan Cheese - 100 gms (I was low on cash so used normal processed cheese :P )
Salt - To taste
Black Pepper - To taste
Parsley - To Garnish
The Small Pantry for the Recipe
Here goes the Step by step way of making this beautiful creation.

1. Always take a picture of what you are doing. :P
Like this :P

2. In a sauce pan put water so that the pasta can be cooked in it. (Note: Remember to add in good amount of salt coz once the pasta is cooked, it's very difficult to season the dish.)
3. Once the water starts boiling, put in the pasta and let it bubble away. (My TIP: I always boil my pasta a minute less to what is written on the packet, it helps get the perfect texture till the time its finished and you start eating.)

Let the water bubble. 
4. Meanwhile, in a steel mixing bowl, take the egg yolks, salt, pepper, cheese and the cream.
5. Mix well making sure everything is incorporated properly.

I like the way we do it, I like the way we do it. :P

6. Keep the sauce base ready, once the pasta is cooked, (do taste it) strain it (Do not throw away the water) and put it directly into the eggs mixture and mix well. (Note: Remember, the eggs are not getting completely cooked here, they are just getting heat from the pasta and coming to a thick custard consistency coating the pasta.)

And we mix, we mix, we mix, we mix, and we mix
7. Mix all this properly, have a small taste checking the seasoning. If proper, go ahead to the next step, if not adjust it.
8. If you think the sauce is very thick, add in a spoon or may be two spoons of the pasta water to loosen a bit.
9. Finally add in some chopped parsley and give it a last mix.

10. While plating, once the pasta goes in the bowl, garnish it with some parsley so it looks a bit more lively and some parmesan cheese. Remember, always click a picture of what you are doing. :P

Just a heads up, the images are not clicked by me :P.

Incase you liked the recipe, do try it out and let me know how it turned out to be. Would love to hear it from you guys. Also do share it with your friends as well. If you have any ideas with the same, do share that as well with me in the comments below or you can tweet it to me.