Jamie Oliver inspired French Style Scrambled Eggs

Every chef, home chef has a mentor or someone who they look up to, follow them on all social media platforms, read their recipes, watch their cooking videos and learn looking at them. I may not look like a person who is star struck, but that is wrong, I have my own list of people/chefs who i follow and learn from them. To name a few, they are Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White, Vineet Bhatia, Vikas Khanna and there are many more from I learn every now and then.

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One day while I was browsing through the video recipes by Jamie Oliver, I came across a recipe of Scrambled Eggs - 3 Ways, (you can find it on youtube) and one of the methods of making them struck my attention more than the other two and I tried making it at home and they turned out excellent and have kinda become my favorite. So when Im at home on and off day from work, I pamper myself by making a lavish breakfast and one of the dishes at times consists of these Scrambled Eggs - French Style.

The reason this method of preparation of scrambled eggs struck me is because I love my eggs a bit under done and a little runny. Just to warn you, the process is a slow process so if you are really hungry like how I am at times, then I will be putting up another recipe which is quick and easy for Scrambled Eggs soon on the blog. But trust me, you will enjoy eating eggs this way.

Im going to give the recipe a small twist i.e. give it an Indian twist which is, instead of adding parsley in the end, I'm going to garnish it with dhaniya (Coriander). :P

To start with, there are just 4 ingredients we need and they are -
Eggs - 3
Salt - 5 gms
Butter - 20 gms
Dhaniya (Coriander) - for garnish.
Toasted Bun - For serving.

Lets start making the eggs.

1. Take water in a saucepan and heat it up. Meanwhile, in a glass bowl, break the three eggs and whisk them. Add in the salt and whisk.

2. Take the bowl and put it over the saucepan like a double boiler, add in the butter as well so while the eggs cook, the butter melts and gives the eggs the glossy look.

3. Once you have kept the bowl, let the eggs cook with the steam from the water touching the bowl. Keep stirring the bowl every 2 mins.
This is going to take time, put on some music and dance and lose some calories so that you can then enjoy this lovely dish.

4. After stirring like 8 times or so and about 15 mins later, the result will be something very similar to the one in the image above.

5. Do toast a bun with some more butter (there was a reason I said earlier to put on the music and dance to lose some calories.)
Serve it the way you want but eat it with style.

If you try this dish out and have watched the video by Jamie Oliver, do let me know how this tastes and how much time it took you for the same. I loved it, lets hear it from you. You can tag me on twitter and instagram incase you make this dish. Also feedbacks are always welcomed, may it be about the blog, the recipe or anything else, do let me know.


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