Aloo Tuk Wali Chaat

Being a sindhi myself, one of the dishes that all we sindhis love is the Aloo Tuk. Its basically deep fried potato slices which is then coasted in some spices(masalas). Traditionally its had with Sindhi Curry with Rice. One staple meal all sindhis make on a sunday afternoon.

Like I said above, I love aloo tuk, so for the love of that, I though why not try something different with it and after a little thinking and sleepless nights (Just kidding), I came up with Chaat and Aloo Tuk - Aloo Tuk Chaat.

Before I start telling you more, there is one thing you should know i.e. the images are clicked using Vivo V5 phone which is the first ever phone with a 20 Mega Pixel Front Camera which is perfect not only for selfies but other photos as well.

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Ingredients - 
Potatoes Sliced (Medium thick) - 2
Green Chutney - 20-25 gms
Tamarind Chutney - 20-25 gms
Red Chili Powder - 5-8 gms
Dried Mango Powder - 5-8 gms
Coriander Powder - 5-8 gms
Salt - To Taste
Green Chilies Chopped - 2-3 pcs
Onions Chopped - 1/2 Onion
Tomato Chopped - 1 Tomato
Lemon Juice - 1 lemon
Coriander Chopped - To garnish.
Oil - To Deep Fry
Yogurt - 50-60 gms (forgot to put in picture. )

Its a bit time consuming recipe as the potatoes need to fry slowly and nicely so be patient. The say 'Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai. :P'.

So we start.

1. In a pan take oil and bring it up to the temperature. 
(If you are hot, dont be near the oil, it might just become very hot and might burn the potatoes :P. )


2. Put in the slices of the potatoes one by one into the hot oil. 
(If you are a little bored, keep counting them while putting it inside, it helps :P.)

3. They will take about 8-10 mins so that they are perfectly cooked, and have got the beautiful golden color.

4. Once they are done, remove them on the kitchen towel so that all the extra oil is soaked by the paper, you may want to avoid the extra calories.


5. All the oil is soaked, transfer them to a steel bowl or any bowl which you have.
(BTW, did you see, the brightness and the clarity on the image, its all because of the Vivo V5 Phone.)

For the next step we will have to be quick because if the potatoes become cold, the masalas that we are going to put will not stick on to them.


6. To the garam garam aloo tuk we will add in the following masalas, red chili powder, coriander powder, dried mango powder and a little salt and toss the potatoes well making sure everything is quoted evenly. (I like dried mango powder, so I added a little more than the quantity mentioned above.)

7. Now below is the final step before you can eat, its assembly time
For the assembly, we need to add the remaining products in the order below.
a. Potatoes in the plate.
b. Chopped onions
c. Chopped tomatoes and green chilies.
d. Whisked yogurt (I had seasoned it with a little salt).

e. Tamarind chutney and green chutney.
f. Final garnish with coriander. (it makes the whole dish lively :P )

That's it, now you can eat it. you can take a picture of the end product and share it with me but its a bit difficult to wait as the dish is quite tempting.

Lastly I would say that do try the recipe, give me you feedback on the same. And not to forget, if you want to click real good selfies and good photos, Vivo V5 is the phone for you. It is with a 20MP front camera which I have seen for the first time in a phone.

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