Orzo, Chicken, Vegetables and Sprig Genoa Spice

Food should not only look pretty on the plate but also feel the same when one eats it. At times, simple ingredients makes the food look really pretty. With that in mind, here is another recipe that I made over the weekend. Now a days, I'm the weekend chef at home, and in recent time my mom leaves the kitchen to me on the weekends. (She is kinda feed up of me as I keep troubling her that I need the kitchen and now she is like, go you only handle it. :P ).

On my recent visit to the market, I had picked up some vegetables, some pastas and some spices. There was Orzo which is a type of pasta and its mainly used in soups and salads. There was Genoa Spice by Sprig. The spice was a kind of an Italian seasoning which will make you want to visit Italy.

Let me tell you a little more about the recipe. Its a salad, a Hot and Cold salad. The Hot element being the chicken and the Cold being the pasta. Im sure you must be thinking, a hot and cold salad sounds weird, it does but it can be healthy as well as filling also like a proper meal. .

Like always, before we start, there are kind of three elements in the recipe, the grilled chicken, the pasta and the garnish.
Lets get to know the ingredients before we start the cooking. This recipe does not have lot of ingredients, just a few simple ones which we are used to as they are quite common from the previous recipes as well.

Element 1 - The Pasta

Ingredients for the Pasta -
Orzo - 80 gms
Broccoli florets - 20 gms
Beans - 20 gms
Yellow Zucchini - 20 gms
Green Zucchini - 20 gms
Yellow Pepper - 20 gms
Green Pepper - 20 gms
Red Pepper - 20 gms
Basil chopped - a couple of leaves
Olive oil - 15 ml
Butter - 10 gms
Salt - To Taste
Pepper - To Taste
Sprig Genoa Spice - 3 gms

1. The first step and the most important step of this dish is the cooking of pasta. bring water up to boil, season it well and then put in the Orzo. It should take about 4 mins coz thats how much time it took me.
To check if the pasta is cooked, remove some, eat it,if there is a little bite in it, then its perfect. DO NOT eat too much :P.

2. The second element in the pasta is the sauteed vegetables which has the Genoa Spice by Sprig. For this, heat up some olive oil and butter in a pan.

3. The third step is to cook the vegetables and make sure that they get that flavor which will take you to a trip around Italy in terms of flavors. For that, the oil and butter was heated, add in all the vegetables that we had cut with our own hands (or even the maid or the machine :P), After adding them in, give them a toss so that they get coated in the butter and get that glossy look.

4. Its time to season the vegetables, so add in the salt, pepper, basil, the Genoa Spice by Sprig which will give you that robust and depth of flavor. Make sure to give it a toss and mix them well so that each and every vegetable piece of vegetable in that pan gets seasoned.

5. Once you have the vegetables ready, take the pasta, and the vegetables and mix them well. Do not forget to taste the base of the salad once its mixed but also remember to not eat much, just a taste.

With that we havn't come to the end of the recipe, its just end of element 1.

To start the element 2 i.e. the Grilled Chicken we need the below ingredients.

Ingredients -
Chicken breast - 1 no.
Butter - 1 tbsp
Olive Oil - 1 tbsp
Salt - to taste
Pepper - to taste
Genoa Spice by Sprig - 4 gms

Lets start cooking the chicken and then we have to eat also. Im feeling hungry as Im writing this article now.

1. We first start with marinating the chicken and for that you will need to take the knife, make small slits on the breast so that when we massage the chicken, the flavors go in. This is going to be a dry rub so for that we will need the Genoa Spice by Sprig, salt and pepper, sprinkle all that on the chicken and spread it evenly on both the sides.
Once done, let it aside to marinate for some time and meanwhile you can go have a glass of beer or may be a drink.

2. Heat the pan and add in olive oil and butter and bring up the temperature so that when you put the chicken in, you should get the sizzle and this is what will give the chicken the perfect color.
Cook the chicken on both the sides  for about 3 mins and it should be done.
Take it up on the chopping board and slice it up, it can be thinly, thickly, its all up to you.

Now its time to assemble the salad and eat, and reap the benefit of the handwork done in order to make this.
For the final assemble, I have made a small salad with rocket leaves, halved cherry tomatoes tossed in extra virgin olive oil.

Lets start.

Lastly drizzle some olive oil on top and its done.

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Also do not forget, you can order the Sprig Genoa Spice from the link - https://www.sprig.co.in/product/genoa/. They have a lot more to offer apart from the spices.

Once again, do try the recipe and let me know if you have any feedback.