Food Hop Around Dubai

To me, Dubai is a place where one can enjoy various delicacies as you can get almost all types of food there. All you need to do is look around for that restaurant and I'm sure that will be there.
On my recent trip to Dubai, I happen to go on a tour around the city in look for different types of food and stuff my self and gain all the calories that I had lost in Mumbai before going on my trip. 

There is a small story as to how did the plan for The Food Hop happened. It all started a couple of years back when my very good friend - Pallavi Sangtani long distant relative and a foodie was visiting Mumbai (Btw she has a blog - Life In An Oven, as well and writes about her food experience and travel also sometimes, check it out). We decided that why not meet each other over a little too much food and roam the city exploring different places. We visited around 11 different places and were just eating and hogging our selves out for about 8 hours. Just before when I was in Dubai, a notification pops up on both of our Facebook Timeline (Damn you Facebook Memories) reminding about that food tour and it was then Pallavi decided that it's revenge time. 

She called me one day and said, be ready by 7:00 pm, let meet and grab some good food and I was like perfect, let's do it. It even better to go to a place to eat good food who knows a lot about the city and a foodie like me only. I should have understood/guessed it that she will not stop at one and will try to take me around various places. She did make me try stuff from 9 different places. All the details of the food that we had are below and if you are in Dubai or traveling to Dubai, you can visit these places to try the food. 

Let's begin - 

To start with there was a parcel she got for me from Persian Cafeteria and it was the Samosa Sandwich. It was a rolled up sandwich in a pita bread, crispy, good flavor of the chutney applied inside and the pickle to go along. Look wise, very similar to a shawarma. 

Next was a stop at the Al Malla in Al Satwa for some local food i.e. the Shawarma. Ordered the Spicy Shawarma but it wasn't that spicy (I have a high spice level just FYI). Was filled with meat and some vegetables. 

Also if you are visiting this place, do not forget to try their Malla Special Falooda. But just a warning, I have had it in the past and was not able to finish it all by myself. 

The people who say that you should eat sweets in between the meals need to roam with Pallavi and me. 
At a distance of a few mins walk, there was a place known as Feras Sweets. They specialize in sweets and Kunafa was on the list next. This is another local dish made up of cheese, some pastry or vermicelli then topped with sugar syrup and nuts. This is one of my favorite desserts (I have many :P). 

It was warm, crispy, not very sweet, just perfect to be honest. I need some right now to fulfill my craving which started while writing about it. One needs to try the Kunafa if he/she is in Dubai.

It was at this place because of which I got about a 25 mins break from food. Operation Falafel was 25 mins away and located near Kite Beach - Umm Suqeim (They have other outlets as well). We got 2 kinds, the original Falafel which are tiny, kind of bite-size (2 bites to be precise) and then there was the giant stuffed falafel. This had the stuffing of the pickled vegetables. Served along with their house tahini sauce and a kind of harissa sauce. This place was quite decent as I have had better falafel but liked the idea of the stuffed falafel. The tahini sauce was also quite nice, subtle flavor and went well with the small falafels.

It was burger time on this food hop and we stopped at this place known as Falla again located in Umm Suqeim. I liked the decor of the place, it was a bit funky with the art on the walls and the tables. Ordered 1 burger between the two of us (Remember the dialogue from Andaz Andaz Apna Apna, 'Do Dost Ek Pyale Main Chai Piyenge' this was a similar case but only with food).

Just a couple of shops (hardly 3-4) there was this other place known as Burger Trip. Small, cozy place where it was mainly locals who dined it and it was packed coz the food was good.
Here we ordered the huge Xalapa.  I know the place is Burger Trip and we should be eating burgers but this was recommended by someone. So the dish was huge, at first I was like how are we going to finish this. It was filled with potato sticks, cheese, tandoori chicken, jalapenos, more cheese and you can literally see it how it was filled to the brim. The taste was it was just mind-blowing. I know I cant finish the whole thing, but I was craving for it 2 days later. Trust me, you need to try this out. You will thank Pallavi later and me as well for mentioning it in the blog.

A small break was needed, so we were driving around for a will till we reached the next place to try another local dish. The Irani Dosa - Regag which you can find at Labeeb Grocery on Jumeria Road. They make different varieties, but we went for the simple, Egg, Cheese and Oman Chips.

To be honest, I did not enjoy this that much but it was something different. I still like the Dosa you get on the streets here in Mumbai. But never the less, you might like it, everyone has different taste buds and palates.

About 10 mins walk from here there was another stop which this friend of mine had planned for me - Dip N Dip. The good thing was that we got this 10 min walk to digest some food and make some space for the Triple Chocolate Brownie Stuffed Crepe. Sounds quite heavy, delicious and mouthwatering, right? It was really good. It was filling but I did enjoy each and every bite of it. I finish like almost half of this. This is a for sure place to go if you liked desserts.

At last, I literally gave up and was like I cant eat more, I'm stuffed. I have gained some weight today. I needed a dose of caffeine after all this. It helps me digest food and feel at ease. We headed to Depresso and ordered the Flat White for her and the Iced Americano for me. Here also my iced americano came with a surprise on top, the donut. Will the food end tonight I was wondering but it did after that last donut. There is not much I can say about my coffee but it did help me.

So the evening came to an end, stuffed, and one thing that was going on my mind was that 'I doubt I will eat breakfast in the morning next day'. But it was a hell of an evening and I did enjoy it. You should try it if you are a foodie and love food like how we do. Also Pallavi Sangtani, this is a warning for you - The next time you are in Mumbai, be prepared and come empty stomach. I'm going to take the revenge :P.

Just in case you are wondering who is Pallavi :P.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. I will surely try my level best to share wonderful pictures. More posts coming up soon so do not forget to follow and subscribe to the blog.

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