My Personal List of Bombay Street Foods - Part 2

Dev Momos - One of my favorite places serving momos

Its been almost a year I have written (was just tied up with my own food place, more details about that towards the end) something and this one was long due (I am sure it was in the draft ever since I published Part 1 of my favorite street food list). It's never late to get back to writing and share more. So here is a list of a few more favorite street food joints across Bombay.

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Pao Bhaji & Anda Bhurji - Khurshid - Near Cooper Hospital
- If you are a fan of Pao Bhaji and Anda Bhurj and are also in search of food after a party or just when you are out for a late-night drive, I say give this one a try. There is no actual shop or stall but once you reach the location (little ahead of Cooper Hospital), you will see guys standing on the road, they are the ones who will take your order and get you the food. I have heard they also make Anda Ghotala, never tried it but in case any of you guys try it, do let me know in the comments below.

The below image is not of the one that is served at Khurshid but just a click that I had taken and the anda bhurji I had outside my office post work.

At times there are some dishes best had on the streets. Like the mumbai ka vada pao, amritsar ke fish fry, delhi ke chaat, kolkata ke jhal muri. But apart from the specialties also there are dishes that you find on the streets which are mind blowingly tasty and comforting at the same time. One evening after work, was a little extra hungry than usual and came across a stall out my office building serving various egg preparations. One of them was Anda Bhurji (indian style scrambled eggs). Its a mixture of some spices with onions and chilies and tomatoes and some secret ingredients cooked and scrambled with some eggs. Served with buttery pao (bread rolls). You will find quite a lot of stalls like this across mumbai. #food #foodie #foodblogger #blog #foodporn #foodphotography #photooftheday #buzzfeed #instagram #instafood #foodgasm #foodblog #hungrybawarchi #foodstagram #follow #followme #foodlover #foodphoto #comfort #daily #instadaily #camera #mumbai #mumbaifoodie #mumbaifood #dailyfoodfeed #streetfood #street #eggs
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Chicken Momos - Suraj Lama Momos - Versova
- A friend of mine introduced me to this place and it was an impromptu plan and we decided to have some dimsums. To be honest, this place for sure makes it place in my top 3 places to have momos/dimsums on the street. The momos are served with two types of chutneys, a peanut-based and a spicy tomato/chilli based one. The peanut chutney is actually good but you can skip the spicy tomato/chilli based one, I have had better ones, to be honest.
These guys also have more options like fried ones and thukpas so go and give them a try.

The people who know me also know my love for #momos and #dimsums. They come in the top 3 comfort foods that I can have at anytime of the day and evening if you give them to me for all the 3 or 4 or 5 meals of the days. Recently tried the chicken momos from this shop called Suraj Lama Momos who is based out in Andheri (you can Google him up). To be honest, these are one of the best momos I have had on the streets till date. Though the chutney was a bit pungent, but the momos were just spot on and now I know where to head to incase I am craving for momos. If you are also a person who loves momos, you have to try this out. Also incase you decide to visit and are looking for someone to give you company, I am always up for these. . . . . . . . . #Food #foodie #FoodPorn #MumbaiFood #eat #mumbaifoodie #foodofmumbai #foodlove #hungry #hungrybawarchi #HungryBawarchiRecommended #chicken #streetfood #instafood #foodphoto #foodpic #mumbai #igers #igfood #photooftheday #foodblog #foodblogger
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Chicken Thukpa - Momola - Andheri

The same day my friend introduced me to the above momos wala, he also made me try the chicken thukpa at this small place Momola. It's a bit difficult to spot it but the food is just amazing. The Thukpa was just comforting, so simple yet flavourful and satisfying as well. I can't say its the best but it does the work, to be honest.
If you are there and eat meat, then do try the chicken pickle and also their spicy chilli sauce is just spot on.

Chicken Burnt Garlic Mayo Roll - Kathi Kabab Roll - Lower Parel

A friend of mine had said that there is a roll wala in Lower Parel and luckily my previous office was also in that area and this had become one of our (me and my office colleagues) place to order rolls from. One roll is quite filling and is loaded with meat in case of my favorite roll. The base is flaky and soft. The burnt garlic adds texture and also that garlicky kick while eating. It is not a very big shop and you can easily pass by it and not notice but once you do, trust me you will go here again and again.
For people who are vegetarian, they can try the paneer version of it. I personally havnt tried it but a colleague of mine was happy.

Paneer Manchurian Dosa - Anand Stall - Vile Parle West
A place that anyone staying in Mumbai might have heard that the dosas opposite Mithibhai or NM college.
The place has a huge variety of dosas, sandwiches and vada paos. I didn't get a chance to try much but out of whatever I had, the Paneer Manchurian Dosa was something I liked. I know its a fusion and at times we should avoid it but this one was good. I asked them to give me the filling on the side rather than putting it inside the dosa, that way I could enjoy the plain dosa as well with the chutney. The quantity of the filling is sufficient and by the end, I was left with some of the filling and no more dosa. They are open till I guess 12:30 am in the night so late-night eater can rejoice onto this one as well along with many other small eateries in the area.

The image here is not the dosa that I had put just to give you an idea about the food and also something that you can try.

So some information about my own food place (which I mentioned at the start and in my previous post also I had dropped in a small line about it as well). Every chef has a dream that he/she opens up his/her own space, cook food and sell it and also get an opportunity to showcase their talent and their love for food.
After working with brands and being in the industry, I decided to take that step and open something that I can call my own. After a lot of trials and thinking and food tastings, my baby - The Sindhi Kitchen was born and I can proudly say that I am here to share the food I grew up eating as a Sindhi. The cuisine that isn't out there yet, I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase my food, my culture, and my cuisine.
You can check out the menu here and even order from us. I am very happy to say that it's been almost a year and a half as of now that I am running the brand and its something I love to do.


  1. Well written post Mohit. Your love for good food shines three. Lwts meet and celebrate once these difficult times are over


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