A British classic dish consisting of lamb mince, with a simple flavor and topped with creamy mashed potatoes to finish off.


Ingredients – Lamb mince – 250 gms
Red chilli powder – 10 gms
2 Bay leaves
Tomato Puree - 1 pack
Tomatoes - 30 gms
Onions – 55-60 gms 

Garlic - 3 - 4 cloves
Potatoes – 350-400 gms
Butter – 100 gms
Fresh Cream – 50- 60 ml
Processed Cheese – 50 gms
Worcestershire sauce – 10 ml
Flour - 30 gms
Chicken stock - 150 ml.
Salt and Black pepper.

Method - 
1. Peel the potatoes and keep them for boiling in salted water.
2. Chop the onion, tomatoes and garlic finely.
3. Heat oil in a pan and add in the bay leave, garlic and onions and sautee till golden brown.
4. Add in the tomatoes, and cook till they are soft.
5. Add in the washed, drained mince and get it colored.

6. Dust the flour over the mince and coat it nicely.
7. Pour in the tomato puree and cook till the sourness is gone.
8. Pour the chicken stock little at a time and keep cooking.
9. Make sure the mince is properly cooked and the mixture is not dried up.
10. Season with salt, pepper and worcestershire sauce and turn of the heat.

For the Mash Potatoes.
1. Once the potatoes are boiled, pass them through a sieve and get a smooth texture.

2. Add in cream, butter and season with salt.
3. Mix till a smooth texture is obtained.

To end.
1. Pre-heat the oven to 180 degree C
2. Prepare a mould, tray or an oven proof bowl, grease it with butter.
3. At the base, pour in the Lamb mixture and spread evenly.

4. Put the mash potatoes on top and layer it properly and evenly.
5. Grate the processed cheese on top and keep it in the oven for about 5 mins or until the cheese has melted. 

6. Serve hot.

Note - 
1. Lamb mince can be substituted with chicken mince.
2. Make sure the oven is pre-heated.

3. It can be served in individual moulds.
4. Make sure the mash potatoes are not lumpy and are smooth and creamy.