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My Itinerary In Spain

The Alhambra So before we start, I would like to mention that this is my itinerary and what all places I visited. At most places, I stayed in Hostels and was traveling via public transport or on foot but you can alter things according to your convenience and the time you have. The total duration that I was in Spain was 16 days (including the internal transfers, arrival, and departure from Spain) and the break up for the same are as follows -  Barcelona - 4 days Seville - 2 days Granada - 2 days Madrid - 4 days Valencia -  2 days In Barcelona, I stayed at Kabul Party hostel located in La Rambla. You can check a hotel suitable for you.  What all I visited in Barcelona -  1. Montserrat - It's a Monastery located about an hour away from Barcelona on the multi-peaked rocky range. 2. The local vineyards near Montserrat along with some Spanish Lunch and a tour of the Vineyard.  3. Once back in the city, roaming the streets of Plaza De Catalyuna.  T

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