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My Personal List of Bombay Street Foods - Part 1

Its been a while since I have written and there was a reason behind it. For those who follow me on my Instagram account must be aware of it and for those who don't, its time you follow me for updates. Here is the link to my Instagram account - @Hungrybawarchi

So the reason is that I have started my own delivery kitchen in Santacruz - Mumbai. It's under the name of The Sindhi Kitchen. We specialize in Sindhi Food and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Let's continue with the reason why you guys reading this are here. To know about my personal list of street foods that I love and I am sure some of you might also like it.

To start with, I might and might now have images of all the dishes that I am mentioning but I will try and add links either to google maps or Zomato or Facebook so that its easy for you to see the place, food and also get direction to reach them. With every place, there might and might not be a story also. I like telling stories and can continue writing once in that zone. If you read my Instagram, I am sure you will get what I am talking about.

Black Pav Bhaji at Jai Bhavani Pao Bhaji
- I discovered this place thanks to a friend of mine. We were coming back from a screening and it was late and were super hungry, just then my friend suggested that lets have Black Pav Bhaji. At first, I was like, I have never tried it and don't know how it will taste but still, I took the risk and went to have it.
We ordered for the Masala Pao and the Black Pav Bhaji and both of them were crazy, they were spicy, flavourful and amazing. I loved the Masala Pao. It had the coriander masala and was soaked in butter making it soft. Price at INR 40 for the Masala Pao and INR 90 for the Black Pav Bhaji, its a total paisa vasool (its worth every penny. TIP - the takeaway container of the bhaji has a little more quantity compared to what you get served there, so you can also do a takeaway and go home and eat.)

Misal Pao at Paresh Misal - Vile Parle East
- Again this place came into my limelight thanks to the same friend who took me for the Black Pav Bhaji. My friend goes here every Sunday in the morning. Its kind of his ritual and at one time it did become mine as well. Every Sunday the group used to go here and have the spicy Misal Pao. Priced at INR 60 for a plate of Misal with 4 Paos, its filling and do not forget to have a glass or two of the Chaas which is priced at INR 10 (Bloody cheap, right? but it does taste really good and cooling as well.)
The Misal has different levels of spiciness. You can ask them to add extra chili oil if you want crazy spicy or just take the normal one which is mild. After I visiting the place for the first time, I couldn't stop and I am sure you will also want more of it and go again and again.

Chutti ka din and subha ka nahsta - Misal Pao. One of the most popular #maharashtrian #dishes consisting of a #spciy gravy made with chick peas topped with the chili #oil, farsan, #onions lemon and more and to be had with pao (indian #bread roll). The day I get an off from work, I go and get a portion of this for myself. Its best served on the streets and not those fancy #restaurants. In #bombay at almost ever corner of a lane you will find a guy having a stall serving this. Incase you visit bombay and want to try some of the Misal Pao, check out the following places 1. Opposite Marks and Spencer on Hill Road. 2. Opposite Gaitey Galaxy in Bandra (W). 3. The above misal is at a place in Vile Parle East near the Vile Parle Post Office. #food #foodporn#yum #instafood #tagsforlikes #instagood #photooftheday #foodpic #foodpics #eat #foodgasm #foodstagram #foodblogger #foodlover #foodiliciousmumbai #hungrybawarchi #rashmisfoodiepicks #mumbaifoodie #mumbaifood #followme #followforfollow #streetFood
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Chicken Momos at Dev Momos - Worli

- This place has always been my favorite when it comes to desi momos. I remember there was a time, I used to call the guy up before leaving the home and tell them that I am reaching in 15 mins, keep 2 portions for me.
Priced at INR 80 for 8 pieces of Chicken Momos is totally worth it. Do not forget to ask them to give you extra sauce. The sauce is just heavenly and mind-blowingly good and I can go on and on. I used to have 2 portions of this and my dinner was done. This place is always my go-to place for the momos.
Remember that at times it can get a bit difficult to spot the guy as there is just one steamer by the footpath and a lot of cars at times cover him.

Mysore Masala Dosa at Manju Dosa -Khar West

I love exploring food on the streets and hence the post. Manju Dosa was introduced to me by my grand mom, Yes my grandmom told me about this about 6 years ago when she had go the dosas home after her evening drive.
After that day, I have been trying different different dosas here and hands down the best one is the Mysore Masala Dosa. The Masala is spicy, just the way I like my food.

Also, the other best part is that is very close to my Kitchen (Remember I mentioned about it right at the start). I keep ordering from these guys at least once a week and try a new one every time.

Vada Pao - Ashok Vada Pao - Dadar

- This is just the place one needs to visit if he/she is looking for Vada Pao. I have been visiting this place for years (almost 7 years) ever since I and my brother passed the shop and tried it. Priced at INR 20, the vada pao is filling, tasty and finger licking good. There have been times when I have sent this vada pao to Dubai as well for my family there. So you can imagine how good it is.
They have a small rule, if there is no chura left, they will not serve vada pao so you will have to wait till the time more chura is made.

Also do not forget to try their Bhaji Pao, that also is quite delicious and worth every calorie

Current craving is this vada pav that i had at Ashoka Vada Pav in dadar near keerti college. To be honest it is one of the best i have had till date in #mumbai. This guys doesn't serve #vada pav if he is out of the chura (left overs of the fried batter). Whenever i have visited the place, i have always had to wait for atleast 15 mins for my order to come, so you can imagine the number of people who wait visit the place for this. They say that he sells more than 600 vada pavs a day, dont know how true it is but thats a good number. Priced at 20rs, it is something you dont want to miss. You need to visit the place and try it out. #food #foodporn #yum #instafood #tagsforlikes #instagood #photooftheday #foodpic #foodpics #eat #foodgasm #foodstagram #foodblogger #foodlover #foodiliciousmumbai #hungrybawarchi #rashmisfoodiepicks #mumbaifoodie #mumbaifood #followme #followforfollow #foodphoto #streetFood #street #20likes #40like
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Chicken Frankie - Tibs Frankie - Hill Road
- I remember this place because my school was just 2 mins walk from here. We as kids used to save the pocket money and go and eat here every alternate week. It was priced at INR 30 for the chicken frankie and I am talking about 8-9 years. Currently, its priced at INR 80 if I remember. The frankie was spicy, tangy and filling. The fried egg in the middle made it even better. I have tried their classic aloo and vegetable frankie and their chicken frankie and both of them were pretty good.
These days also if I am craving for some good rolls/frankie, Tibs is always my first choice.

With this not soo small list, I will end my part 1 of the street food series. I will keep adding more and publishing another post so that all you readers can try some of my favorite food spots.

Till then, subscribe to the blog so that you can get updates and do not forget to follow me on my social media handles (I think I mentioned them at the start.)

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Things to do in Singapore.

Singapore Flyer

The year 2017 ended on quite an amazing note. The people who know me will tell you that I prefer traveling solo and exploring the places and that's what I did somewhere in the middle of 2017, booked myself a ticket to Spain to explore the country. But the year ended with another trip that I made and it was not a solo trip but with family. I am glad it was a family trip, it was more fun, and I got to eat my mothers made Dal Kichdi (trust me, it's amazing and it's my favorite dish).

I was there for only 5 days and tried to cover as much as I could but whatever I saw, I enjoyed it and personally, I would love to visit the place again in order to try more stuff. But I have a list of 10 things one should do in Singapore. This includes food, shopping, nightlight, and adventure as well. Also a bit of sightseeing.

Lets being with the food part first because I love food and I travel for that mainly.

Flat Noodles with Chili and Green. 

1. China Town
China Town is one amazing place for people who enjoy the food. The place is not only about food, there are places where one can go and shop for things as well. One great thing I had there was the candided bbq pork and chicken floss. I know it sounds weird but tasted really good. If you are a Tintin fan, please note that it is the only Tintin store in Asia.

There are innumerous restaurants as you walk along the streets in the area that will serve some amazing food and I can tell this because of the aromas that you get to smell by just walking around.

Thai Style Basil Chicken with Jasmine Rice

2. Bugis Street and Albert Center.
Bugis Street is known for cheap shopping, a place where you can bargain (I tried that but didn't get much success). This is a 3-floor mall kind of area where you will find things from clothes to electronics to souvenirs to food items. It also has a small food-court and there are a few things that I tried there and it was pretty good. At one of the food spaces there, I ordered the som tam salad and a portion or Thai style basil chicken and jasmine rice, trust me when I say that the basil chicken was just amazing and flavourful. I liked the area soo much, I went there almost 3 times during my 7-day stay. Also, before you enter, there is a fruit market and the fruits looked lovely and fresh. I just picked up some mangoes and persimmons and while eating them back at the hotel, they did taste good.
Albert Center, this is just opposite Bugis street and is filled with hawkers who serve food of the locals, from the neighboring countries and regions. This place is I guess a 6 level building, can't remember clearly, but I can say it has quite a lot of food for sure.
P.S. there is also a 1$ shop next to the street, you should check it out.

View from the top of Singapore Flyer
3. Gardens By The Bay and Singapore Flyer.
Want to do all the touristy stuff then these two places are for sure to be on your list. They do not need much introduction but will give a basic idea to all those who aren't aware.
Singapore Flyer is like a giant Ferris wheel which moves very slowly, there are pods in which people go and it takes you all the way up and you can get an amazing view of the city from there. One of the images I clicked from the top it on the cover image at the start of the blog so you can check that out. From there one can see the Gardens by the Bay which consists of the Cloud Forest, Super Tree Grove, Flower Done which is the home to a hell lots of different flowers so if you love it, then it has to be on your list. There are a couple of more things around the Gardens By The Bay like the OCBC Skywalk which is walking over the bridge between two Super Tree Grovers, also the World Of Plants and more, you can check the details on the official website. But Super Tree Grove and the Cloud Dome was just amazing

SuperTree Grove and OCBC Sky Walk. 

4. Shopping 
I do not remember what this was called, so if you know, let me
know in the comments below. I forgot the name. 
For all those who love shopping, this point is for them. Personally, I am not one who loves shopping and roaming around the mall. As mentioned, I was traveling with family and some of them love to shop and shop and shop. There are a lot of options spread across Singapore for shopping, some of them that I visited was Vivo City Malls, Raffles Center, did take a round of the Orchard Street which is known for its shopping and has great brands and pretty good looking shopping centers. Also, there is one place that most Indians love visiting and i.e. Mustafa Center.

Mustafa Center is spread across like 3 buildings which are interconnected. The place is open 24x7 and one can find anything and everything here, right from clothes to electronics to grocery, you name it and it might be there. I have seen people come with empty luggage bags and have filled them and left. I did spend here a couple of hours but could just see only 1/3rd of the center. So it is on my list to check out the rest of the center when I visit next.

5. Clarke Quay
Singapore has something for everyone, some love eating, some love shopping and some love partying and exploring the nightlife as well. If you are one of those who enjoys partying, Clarke Quay is the area to be in. The area is filled with restaurants, bars, and pubs and they are damn crowded on weekends. As I was traveling with family, didn't get much chance to explore the nightlife but I did take a walk around this area one late evening and even tried the food a couple of places and it did not disappoint me. I have this on my list again for the next time I am in Singapore, in fact, the list keeps increasing as I keep writing the article because a lot of things come to the mind that needs to be covered.

6. Merlion & Marina Bay Sands
Two more attractions that one can add on to their itinerary if they want to do tourist stuff. Believe it or not, going and checking the Merlion out was on my list ever since the discussion of visiting Singapore started on our family whatsapp group. I even took a picture where the water is coming directly into my mouth as if I am drinking it, I know it sounds so not like me but had to do something crazy (I am not sharing that image anywhere, not even on my instagram handle).

Marina Bay Sands was something I wanted to visit from a long time, have a look at the view from the top, visit the casino and maybe play a few hands as well and also just to tick it off my list (touristy stuff), but due to some family issues, couldn't make it and had to cancel the plan at the last minute. This gives me another reason to visit Singapore soon and explore all those things I have missed or couldn't see due to various reasons.

7. Universal Studios
Another great attraction for all the tourists is the Universal Studios. This is a fun place to spend the day and for people who like adventure in terms of rides and roller coasters, then this is the place to visit.
Make sure you take the express pass if you want to try and cover up the whole of the Universal Studios because the queues can be a pain at times. You can purchase the tickets online, this will save you time at the entrance.
This might take up your entire day if you plan to visit all the rides.

Apart from all the above-mentioned places, there are some more that I have in mind and I had visited which you might want to try and see. All though there is another list I have in some word document in my emails which I am unable to locate, that contains a few more places that I will most probably visit on my next trip. So here are the things -
Banh Mi at Banh Mi Brothers

  • If you are a foodie like me, then you must visit the cheapest Michelin Star place in the world. It is a hawker who serves amazing chicken and rice. Be careful, you might have to wait in the queue for some time but it was worth it because I was hungry as well. 
  • Night Safari & Singapore Zoo - animal lover?, then you have to visit the place. The night safari also has long queues but if you run towards the bus, you might get a seat on the bus soon. They also have a trekking path for people who want to explore the wildlife on the foot. You can stop various animals and for them, the park is made in such a way that it looks like a jungle. 
  • Singapore Sling - the National Drink of Singapore. It is said that the drink was created on the occasion when the treaty was signed. Raffles Hotel is the place where it was invented. I quite liked the drink that I had a couple of them on my way back on the flight. 
  • Just like how Vada Pao is to Mumbai, Kaya Toast and Milo is to Singapore. One can find Kaya Toast with Soft Boiled Runny Eggs and Milo at many places across the town. I quite liked it, I, in fact, made some Kaya Jam at home and had it spread over bread and had it. 
  • Kaya Toast and Milo
  • Banh Mi - This is one of my favorite sandwiches and I have had it in Hongkong, Bangkok and then in Singapore. Crusty bread with meat, pickle and fresh cilantro, just perfect. I tried the same at two places in Singapore but the one at Banh Mi Brother was quite good. They are located at Income By Raffles.

So that's all FOLKS, I have tried to list down as must as I could remember but in case I visit again and explore new places, I will surely share it with you all on the blog. But you can follow me on my social media handles for regular updates on food and more.
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Basic Travel Essentials

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For me as a person, there are two things that I love the most, one of which is Food and the other is Travel. For the last 2-3 years, I have taken up the travel part a bit seriously and prefer traveling solo in order to explore as much as I can on the foot.

Some of these items are quite common hence a person has a tendency to forget them easily.

Based on my past travel experience, I decided to jot down some basic essentials that you should carry while traveling.

1. Travel Charger & Power Bank
- I remember on my recent trip to Spain, I had made sure that everything was packed but then one morning which I reached Seville, I realized, that I did not have the correct adapter and my travel charger. Luckily I had 2 power banks with me and both of them were full charged which helped me get through the night and helped me charge my phones just enough to use them for the day. Always carry Power banks if you have and keep them charged, they do come handy and helpful many a times. The first thing I did was go and purchase travel charges. At times they do not come cheap :P.

2. Comfortable Shoes
- This is one of the most important if you are planning to walk and explore the area. Make sure that you are already using the shoes for at least a couple of days so that you are used to them and there is no sudden surprise when you wearing them for the 1st time. I had a similar incident but luckily I had a stop in Dubai while traveling to Spain and I left my not so comfortable shoes at my relatives home and picked up one of my brother's sneakers.

3. Laundry Bags
- A few cloth or plastic laundry bags will help you collect all your used clothes. When you are jumping from one city to another, these bags can be used to keep the clothes and then when there is time, all you need to do is pick up those bags and go to the laundry and have them washed.

4. First Aid Kit
- A small pouch or box with all the medications that you need, some band-aids and other first aid essentials is always a good idea to have in your bag. I remember, while I was traveling to Hongkong and may it was something I ate and it did not suit my body and got an allergic reaction after a couple of hours. That is when one of the tablets came handy. So its always a good idea. Another good idea is to have travel insurance. Put in a sunscreen and a moisturizer as well. They are always there in my kit.

5. Nuts and Snack Bars
- For these, I would recommend that you carry small packs of assorted nuts as they are helpful when you are hungry all of a sudden and there is nothing around. I used to carry small packs of biscuits, nuts and also a couple of protein bars (not that I needed the protein :P). Whenever I was hungry and there was nothing, I used to eat these up to be satisfied temporarily

6. The Light Trolley Bag, Backpack, and waterproof pouch
- Another important thing that you should keep in mind while traveling solo or even with family and friends. Always opt for a trolley bag which is light and has not two but four wheels. It helps drag it around when you are hopping from one place to another. I had taken a spacious handbag which had two wheels and trust me, after one point, it became a bit difficult pulling it. A waterproof pouch is also helpful when you know the weather in the place you are traveling is very unpredictable and also if you plan to go for a swim or something. For me they have been a blessing on two of my trips, the first one being to Bunol where I had attended La Tomatina, it did save my phone from stinking of tomatoes after the event. Next was in Singapore (a blog is coming soon about the food here so follow and subscribe) where the weather is quite unpredictable. It can rain at any time.

7. Water Bottle
-A big bottle will come useful if you are backpacking and are also working on a budget. You can fill the bottle before leaving the hotel or hostel if the water there is drinkable. I did a similar thing while traveling across Spain, filled up my bottle from different places in order to save some bucks and enjoy more with the saved ones. Most of the places have drinking water flowing from the tap so it's perfectly safe and fine to do that.

8. Camera
- Do carry a camera if you have one so that you can capture some amazing views, food and maybe have a couple of photos with you in it as well (a new facebook display photo :P). Nowadays phones also have pretty amazing camera but have a DSLR makes you look more touristy (just kidding).

Also, there might be more basic travel essentials that I might have not listed but feel free to add them in the comments below for the other readers to make a note of so that when they decide to travel, it can be of help to me.

Btw, I forgot the mention, I do keep posting more about my travel and food on my social media pages and you can follow me on the for updates.
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