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Seville & Granada

In continuation of my previous post about my days spent in Barcelona. This is the next part of my vacation and in this article, I will tell you, Seville and Granada. I'm sure when you read Seville, ZNMD (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara) might come as it was one of the places they had covered did skydiving there. Granada another small town about 3 hours away from Seville and you should go here for 2 main things i.e. the Alhambra and the Generalife about which I will talk later as we go down. 

To begin with Seville, I was here for 2 nights and only 1 days to explore, but it was the whole day as the next morning I had a bus to Granada. (remember to book your bus/train tickets beforehand). 
In Seville, stayed at Hostal Puerta Carmona and the reservation was done at
Day 1 began with a tour of the Alcazar of Seville, Old Jewish Quarter, The Seville Cathedral and the Giralda Tower and the tour was organized by Andalsur Excursiones

The tour lasted about 3 hours and started with exploring the Alcazar of Seville. This is the place where season 5 of Game of Thrones was shot, remember The Water Garden of Drone, that's right.

This is one of the most beautiful places I had seen in the entire Spain (a heads up, more beautiful things are about to come.) The architect and the way the place is made will keep you stunned with the detailing the Muslims had done when they invaded the Spain. Now also when I just browse through my gallery and come across images from here, they just remind me how beautiful the place is and how much dedication and attention went into building the place.

If you have some biscuits or crackers in the bag and come across the pond, try feeding the fishes and you will see that they will kind of go mad for the food and jump and top of each other.

Next, in line comes the Old Jewish Quarters, small lanes, small houses and a good place to spend some time here after the Alcazar. There are some places to eat if you are hungry. The tour ended at The Seville Cathedral. Trust me, this is one of the best cathedrals I have seen while traveling across Spain and the cities. I would put it in the top 3. The place is huge and has many stories inside. If you have some energy left and are in the mood for some adventure, climb up The Giralda Tower for a breathtaking view. With this part 1 of the day was over and yes, there is part 2 also, the second half of the day.

The evening slot I had kept for some other places to explore like Plaza de Espana, take a walk in Parque de Maria Luisa, experience the Flamenco which is a must if you are in Spain. One needs to book themselves for a show of Flamenco. You can easily spend a couple of hours in and around Parque de Maria Luisa. Check out Plaza de Espana which is a government office now but has small benches which are covered in tiles that represent the 48 provinces of Spain.

Near the Old Jewish Quarters there are many places that will give you the entertainment dose that you need, i.e. the Flamenco show. It usually lasts for about an hour. Once the show is over, you can grab some food in the restaurants nearby along with a drink. The Patata Bravas here are pretty good to try here.

One more thing that is a little different and I'm sure you won't find anywhere else i.e. the kissing lane. It doesn't mean that people come in this lane to kiss (that can be done), the name of the lane was giving because, it is the narrowest lane here and when two people look out of their windows, you can actually kiss.

Plaza de Espana

Seville Cathedral

That is all I could cover in Seville due to some time crunches but in case you have the time, there are some other places also like the Bull-Ring, the Metropol Parasol, the Puente de Isabel II bridge and it is said that the view from here overlooking the waters and the city is amazing. After coming back and looking at some of the images I wish I had gone here to click photos mainly :P and also to enjoy the view (I love water bodies like lakes and rivers).

A small tip, if you are into cycling, then you can rent a cycle and roam around the city on it, the rent is as cheap as 1 euro for an hour.

It was time to say goodbye to Seville and move to the next city on my list and it was Granada. Another not so small town which was quite beautiful I must say. 

Let's start with the next day and about my time spent in Granada. I reached here a bit late in the evening as I had made my bus bookings but later I realized that I should have taken a bus that travels in the night so that I would get the 1st half to the day to enjoy but never the less lesson learned and a point to be noted

Technically I had only an evening and a full day in Granda to explore as much as I could. Stayed at Hotel Inglaterra (The rooms, services are pretty good and it's not very expensive, to be honest) which was quite centrally located. It was only a couple of minutes walk from the Granada Cathedral, the happening area where all the bars, restaurants are was only about 4 mins walk from here, in fact, as soon as you get out of the hotel, there are some bars where you can grab a drink. Remember that with every drink you have in Granada, you get a free tapas, its a tradition there. 

Nougat Ice Cream
You can walk around the place and explore the eating joints, the places where you can drink and if you are in the mood and not tired, go for a bar crawl across different bars, drink and eat and enjoy it, trust me you will enjoy it. There was one place serving ice cream which I came across while walking back to the hotel post dinner. Heladería Los Italianos is quite easy to spot as you might see quite some people there and the ice cream here is just amazing. I actually went the next day again to get some more for myself.

Also, I had grabbed a bite to eat at this kebab place which served huge portions. You either order the rolls or the doner kebabs, they were huge and quite filling.

There was another ice cream place just opposite the kebab place and their dark chocolate ice cream I can say was the best I have ever had. 
The next morning started with visiting the most important thing and one of the main reasons for which Granada is known that is the Alhambra. Always remember to book your tickets for this in advance as they only sell close to 7000 tickets per day. This I can say is the 3rd most beautiful place I had seen in Spain after La Sagrada Familia and The Alcazar of Seville.

The Court of the Lions, an example of
Islamic Moorish architecture 

Remember that when you visit the place, you need to also select the timing for your visit to the royal palace as they allow only a limited number of people during a particular hour or duration.

Do not miss the detailing which is done on all the walls, the ceilings, and the facades. It is said that the higher the ceiling, the more detailed and beautiful the work is and I will personally agree with it as well.
If you are a fan of antiques and old artifacts then make sure you visit the carpenter workshop, it's a small room where they till date make the furniture which was originally designed by the Muslims to be used in the Palace. Some of the artifacts that you can purchase are jewelry boxes, cheese boards which are all handcrafted keeping the original designs. They are quite a collection for all the collectors.

Once you are done with Alhambra, visit The Generalife to check the beautiful plans, greenery and more. The place was originally used as a place to grow the vegetation for the people living in La Alhambra. To be honest, if I had the time, I would have stayed here for a couple of hours and relaxed. 

The Albaicin
The Generalife
After taking the tour of Alhambra and The Generalife, on the way down (this is a hidden way between the trees and the streets which will directly take you to the city center within a short time, use Google Maps or you can also ask someone to give the directions) you will come across a lot of places to eat where you can grab a bite if you are hungry. There are also some studios who do Flamenco and you can book yourself a seat if you haven't seen it yet.

The Generalife
There is a lot more that I can tell about Granada as to what are the other places you can go like The Albaicin, The Granada Cathedral, There are some streets near the city center where you can shop for clothes, souvenirs and more. If you are along with some friends than do a Bar Hop for sure and you can actually do it with a long list of places to visit as there are quite a lot of them located close to each other.

View of Alhambra from the Generalife

Post my travel to Seville and Granada, I headed off to Madrid, the capital of Spain to explore the food, the places and the nightlife there. So if you want to read about that as well, subscribe to the blog and you will get to see how it was. I will also write down some other places you can visit in Madrid along with my experience.

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Friday, 17 November 2017

In and Around Barcelona

The vineyards at Oller del Mas Castle

By now you all know that I love to eat food and travel as well looking at the blog and the Instagram profile and the Facebook page and the twitter account. If you don't know, I'll say it again, 'I love eating, traveling and exploring new areas and also eat food in those areas.'

I will start with a long background now and directly get to the point which was what all went into the planning for the trip. I read about where all I can visit, what all can be done and started noting down. Took me about a month to plan a 16 day trip across Spain.

The places covered were Barcelona, Seville, Granada, Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Valencia and Buñol. The days of my travel were divided as below -

Barcelona - 4 nights & 4 days
Seville - 2 nights & 2 days
Granada - 2 nights & 2 days
Madrid - 3 nights & 4 days
Valencia - 3 nights & 2 days

Let's begin with the first place - Barcelona.
Stayed at Kabul Party Hostel as I was alone and to be honest, the place was good. Centrally located in La Rambla which is the most happening area. Majority of the bars, restaurants and the nightlife is there.
The multi-peaked rocky range of Montserrat
Day 1 was a trip to Montserrat which is about a 1 hours drive from Barcelona. You can take a tour package like I did and I'm glad that I took it (You can check Castle Experience for the same). The tour commenced from a pickup point to Montserrat via bus. Montserrat is a multi-peaked rocky range and is mainly known as the site of Benedictine Abbey, Santa Maria de Montserrat which hosts the Virgin of Montserrat sanctuary.

Cottage cheese and honey
Local liqueur
Post the tour around the place, I visited the small farmers market in the area nearby where you could find some organic honey, homegrown cheese and not just normal cheese, flavors and lots of varieties. One of them that I had was cottage cheese mixed with organic honey. This was pretty good and different. The cheese was crumbly but yet soft and went very well with the honey. There was also a liqueur tasting in which, you get to try 4 different liqueurs and then they give you a sweet bread which was soo soft, light and really good.

It was time for some Spanish lunch along with a tour of the local vineyard which showed us the process of how the wine is made and not to forget the wine tasting.
The lunch has some classic dishes like the Gazpacho Soup, Ham and Cheese toast, the local cheesecake and more.

This was also complemented with wine. The tour took the next step and we did walk up to the vineyard and it was good that there was this walk as it helped us digest some food. Post the wine tasting, we headed back to the bus and to the city where the tour ended at Plaza Catalunya which is the city center.

The vineyards at Oller del Mas Castle

It was already evening by the time I reached the city so I decided to explore the local area i.e. the streets near Plaza Catalunya a bit before heading back to the hostel.
A tip - Invest in a travel card there which will give you access to the buses, metros if any. You can travel as many times you want in the public transport.

Day 2 - Time to check out the beaches of Costa Brava. Here also I took a tour by Julia Travels and they took care of everything i.e. from travel to showing around and guiding with other things to see in the area.

Lloret de Mar

The tour started with reaching Lloret De Mar, walking the waterfront for some time, admiring the beach and the clean waters. Next, it was stopping in the middle of the sea with the help of a ferry/boat, it moved along with coastline in the sea and stopped so that one could actually the fishes in the water. Trust me it's that clear.

Tossa De Mar - View from The Walled In Old Town
Next stop was Tossa De Mar, this is in the north of Costa Brava and where you can go and check The Walled In Old
Town - Vila Vella enceinte which is the only example of fortified medieval town still standing on the Catalan coast. There is a lighthouse up there which is now a restaurant but you can still see the view of the beautiful sea from there.

The new Fisherman's Village street

While coming down, take the route through the town, you will see some old shops, houses and the lanes which were amazing. Eat lunch at the new fisherman's village or at any restaurant facing the beach. The food at all the places smells delicious.
The other option that you have is to go take a dip in the sea and enjoy the clean waters.

Varieties of Salts you can find at La Boqueria 
Day 3 - I like ham and wanted to try out different types of ham so visited this places - Jamon Experience located in La Rambla. You can try various types of ham and if you want to take the guide also where they will teach you how it is made and how it is cured. Just nearby this on the opposite side is the La Boqueria, its quite a famous market here and you can actually enjoy a lot of things eating, drinking and tasting if you like visiting such places. For me, it was just like a heaven filled with lots of ingredients and food.

Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar
After a good time spent, it was to explore what else Barcelona has to offer.
On the list, there was Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar, one great cathedral and it was huge and it was beautiful. At a walking distance of about 10-12 mins, there was Museu De La Xocolata and Museu Picasso. Do not miss the hot chocolate at the Museu De La Xocolata, it was just amazing. Go for the big cup and not the small. All art lovers have to check the Museu Picasso but remember there is always a big queue to enter. So if you have the time and patience, it is worth visiting.
Arc De Triomf
Other places on the list were the Parc De La Ciutadella, it is one of the largest parks in Barcelona, take a walk, lie down on the grass and soak up some of the sunlight for Vitamin D. If you are there go and see the Arc De Triomf and at times there are artists performing over there. I was lucky to see some of it and the music they played was really good. Take a walk and sit beside the water at Moll De Bosch I Alsina, there are some food stalls as well to eat. If you want, visit the Museu d'Historia de Catalunya (I skipped the museum).

Trophy collection at Camp Nou Museum

Day 4 - Last Day in Barcelona and I kept the important places for this day. Started with Camp Nou and this is a must visit place for all football fans. The tour of the whole place will take at least 2 hours and you get to see the field as well. DO not forget to click many pictures here :P

Camp Nou

Next on the list was a trip to Montjuïc, from here you can get a view of the town and also a view of the docks.
La Sagrada Familia
Lastly, it was one of those places that a person should not miss if you are in Barcelona - La Sagrada Familia. If you have a single day in Barcelona, then this is the place to go for sure. It is the most beautiful works of architecture I have seen. The detailing and attention to each and everything taken to make this Gaudi wonder is just mind-blowingly amazing. Each and everything that is present in the building has a reason for the same.

It has been almost 135 years and the church is not complete yet and will take more 9 years for the same. The Gothic building is a UNESCO world heritage. One can actually spend hours in the church. (My images did not turn out that good, the weather was a bit cloudy but still, I managed to click some so apologies for the not so good images here.)

This was the last thing I did in Barcelona and was off to Seville after this and to know more about that, a detailed post on Seville and Granada are coming up soon on the blog, so subscribe now if you want updates and want to know about the coming parts of the trip.

Oh, I forgot to tell you how did Spain happen and why I wanted to visit the place. There is a small backstory to it.

Like last year, how I had taken a trip to Hong Kong and Bangkok, this year for my trip I had Spain in my mind. After a lot of confusion, thanks to some friends, office colleagues (They tried to brainwash me and confuse me with multiple places).
Spain was a place I wanted to visit from the time I saw the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD) (sounds filmy right ?). What they showed in the movie was something I wanted to explore, the country and the cities, understand the food there, the culture and learn more about traveling alone and enjoying.

Btw there will be a detailed post coming following this post in a couple of weeks on the individual places/cities.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

My Itinerary In Spain

The Alhambra

So before we start, I would like to mention that this is my itinerary and what all places I visited. At most places, I stayed in Hostels and was traveling via public transport or on foot but you can alter things according to your convenience and the time you have.
The total duration that I was in Spain was 16 days (including the internal transfers, arrival, and departure from Spain) and the break up for the same are as follows - 

Barcelona - 4 days
Seville - 2 days
Granada - 2 days
Madrid - 4 days
Valencia -  2 days

In Barcelona, I stayed at Kabul Party hostel located in La Rambla. You can check a hotel suitable for you. 
What all I visited in Barcelona - 
1. Montserrat - It's a Monastery located about an hour away from Barcelona on the multi-peaked rocky range.
2. The local vineyards near Montserrat along with some Spanish Lunch and a tour of the Vineyard. 
3. Once back in the city, roaming the streets of Plaza De Catalyuna. 
Tossa De Mar
4. You can take a bus from Plaza De Catalyuna to Costa Brava i.e. Lloret De Mar, take a walk on the beach and then a ferry to Tossa De Mar where you can tour the Old Town Village and the new Fisherman's Village. Lunch options are huge there with lots of varieties and good alcohol. 
5. Take a walk down the streets of La Rambla while sipping on some coffee and post that dinner can be done at a good restaurant in the same area. 
6. Ham Tasting can be done at Jamon Experience in La Rambla. 
7. Walk till the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar one great cathedral you can check it. 
Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar
8. All chocolate lovers need to visit the Museu De La Xocolata and then sip onto the rich, dark, creamy hot chocolate. 
9. Picasso Fan? Stand in the line to enter the Museu Picasso and enjoy the art. (I didn't have the patience to stand in line for about almost an hour and a half).
10. Just close to this is located the Parc De La Ciutadella. It's huge, take a walk, and go and see the Arc De Triomf. 
La Sagrada Familia
11. Don't forget to eat and post that sit beside the water at Moll De Bosch I Alsina. Close to La Rambla. If you want check Museu d'Història de Catalunya if you are interested in knowing the history of Catalyuna. 
12. Camp Nou is a must for all football fans. Take the tour of the whole stadium. 
13. Limited time in Barcelona? One place which you must for sure visit is the La Sagrada Familia, it's beautiful. 
14. Love food? check the La Boqueria market.
15. Montjuïc - A hill in Barcelona and the view from there is very good. You can see the docks, the city.
That's all folks for Barcelona - Check the detailed blog for more suggestions. The blog will be out soon.

Camp Nou
Alcazar of Seville

It's time for Seville -
1. The most important place The Alcazar of Seville along with a tour of the Jewish Town.
2. One of the most beautiful cathedrals is the Seville Cathedral. Located near the Alcazar.
3. Plaza De Espana and Parque De Maria Luisa go hand in hand. Do check this place out and take a walk here as well.
4. Do not miss the Flamenco here and some drinks and tapas in the bars/restaurants nearby.

Plaza De Espana

The Alhambra
Time to explore Granada -
1. The Albaicin which is a small town located about 15 mins from the city center.
2. The Alhambra and the Generalife is the must here. Remember to book the tickets in advance.
3. Do not miss the bylanes near the Granada Cathedral if you want to shop.
4. Food ? check the restaurants and bar near Plaza Nueva. Tip - Granada has a tradition that if you order a drink at the bar, you get a free Tapas.
P.S. Stay somewhere in the city center. I stayed at Hotel Inglaterra.


Let's check out the capital - Madrid.
My friend - Priyanko Sarkar who also writes joined me for the next couple of days. In Madrid, we stayed at Hotel Silken Puerta America. The rooms were really good just FYI.
Things to do in Madrid.
1. Plaza Mayor, the city center has lots of attractions and things to check out in the areas surrounding it.
2. San Miguel Market, lots of tapas, shopping for vegetables and more, some good sangrias and a bar kinda feeling.
3. Do not miss the churros at the Chocolatería San Ginés, it is the oldest place in town serving them.
4. If you are an art lover then you need to spare one day for the 3 Art Museums

  • Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum
  • Museo Nacional del Prado - This is the biggest of the 3.
  • Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. 
Palacio Real
5. The king's palace - Palacio Real and the Cathedral de Santa Maria. Both of them are opposite each other and worth visiting. 
Parque de El Retiro

6. Palacio de Cristal and Parque de El Retiro, they both are located together and you should take a walk in the park for sure. It's really good. 
7. We decided to take a single day tour to Segovia and Toledo which you can do as well. (Check city discovery for the same. They will show you around the two places.)

Time for the last destination of the trip - Valencia. 
To be honest, I couldn't enjoy it that much as it was raining most of the time (it usually doesn't rain during those months I visited)
Mercat Central
1. Visit the Mercat Central for some freshly baked croissants/bread and coffee. You can also find amazing vegetables and ham. 
2. La Lonja - The Silk Exchange - the place will show you the background about how the silk exchange started here. 
3. Iglesia de Santa Catalina Mártir (Santa Caterina) - Located a few mins walking from the Mercat Central. The cathedral has a tower having just 127 steps to climb up and you can see Valencia from there. 

Cathedral De Valencia
4. Cathedral De Valencia - You can easily spend 2 hours here. Take an audioguide to know the story behind all. 
5. Museo Nacional de Cerámica - I enjoyed this place, the art, the designs and the sculptures. It was worth it. (At least we were indoors and saved from the rains)
6. Museo Arqueologico De La Almonia - An innovative way of seeing the remains of the different civilizations that have existed in Valencia.
6. It was La Tomatina time when we were in Valencia and decided to take a tour to Bunol in order to play with tomatoes and have fun there. The festival happens on the 31st of August every year so you can plan accordingly. 

With this, the trip has ended. I wish I had more days to explore other areas as well but with the time I had in hand, I think I covered quite a lot. I hope you guys enjoy traveling through Spain and exploring the places. There might be some places I have missed which you might come across so you can put it down in the comments section below so that other reader can check it and visit them.
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Lastly, the detailed post about the cities will be up soon, hence subscribe to the blog so you can get updates and check them out as well.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Food Hop Around Dubai

To me, Dubai is a place where one can enjoy various delicacies as you can get almost all types of food there. All you need to do is look around for that restaurant and I'm sure that will be there.
On my recent trip to Dubai, I happen to go on a tour around the city in look for different types of food and stuff my self and gain all the calories that I had lost in Mumbai before going on my trip. 

There is a small story as to how did the plan for The Food Hop happened. It all started a couple of years back when my very good friend - Pallavi Sangtani long distant relative and a foodie was visiting Mumbai (Btw she has a blog - Life In An Oven, as well and writes about her food experience and travel also sometimes, check it out). We decided that why not meet each other over a little too much food and roam the city exploring different places. We visited around 11 different places and were just eating and hogging our selves out for about 8 hours. Just before when I was in Dubai, a notification pops up on both of our Facebook Timeline (Damn you Facebook Memories) reminding about that food tour and it was then Pallavi decided that it's revenge time. 

She called me one day and said, be ready by 7:00 pm, let meet and grab some good food and I was like perfect, let's do it. It even better to go to a place to eat good food who knows a lot about the city and a foodie like me only. I should have understood/guessed it that she will not stop at one and will try to take me around various places. She did make me try stuff from 9 different places. All the details of the food that we had are below and if you are in Dubai or traveling to Dubai, you can visit these places to try the food. 

Let's begin - 

To start with there was a parcel she got for me from Persian Cafeteria and it was the Samosa Sandwich. It was a rolled up sandwich in a pita bread, crispy, good flavor of the chutney applied inside and the pickle to go along. Look wise, very similar to a shawarma. 

Next was a stop at the Al Malla in Al Satwa for some local food i.e. the Shawarma. Ordered the Spicy Shawarma but it wasn't that spicy (I have a high spice level just FYI). Was filled with meat and some vegetables. 

Also if you are visiting this place, do not forget to try their Malla Special Falooda. But just a warning, I have had it in the past and was not able to finish it all by myself. 

The people who say that you should eat sweets in between the meals need to roam with Pallavi and me. 
At a distance of a few mins walk, there was a place known as Feras Sweets. They specialize in sweets and Kunafa was on the list next. This is another local dish made up of cheese, some pastry or vermicelli then topped with sugar syrup and nuts. This is one of my favorite desserts (I have many :P). 

It was warm, crispy, not very sweet, just perfect to be honest. I need some right now to fulfill my craving which started while writing about it. One needs to try the Kunafa if he/she is in Dubai.

It was at this place because of which I got about a 25 mins break from food. Operation Falafel was 25 mins away and located near Kite Beach - Umm Suqeim (They have other outlets as well). We got 2 kinds, the original Falafel which are tiny, kind of bite-size (2 bites to be precise) and then there was the giant stuffed falafel. This had the stuffing of the pickled vegetables. Served along with their house tahini sauce and a kind of harissa sauce. This place was quite decent as I have had better falafel but liked the idea of the stuffed falafel. The tahini sauce was also quite nice, subtle flavor and went well with the small falafels.

It was burger time on this food hop and we stopped at this place known as Falla again located in Umm Suqeim. I liked the decor of the place, it was a bit funky with the art on the walls and the tables. Ordered 1 burger between the two of us (Remember the dialogue from Andaz Andaz Apna Apna, 'Do Dost Ek Pyale Main Chai Piyenge' this was a similar case but only with food).

Just a couple of shops (hardly 3-4) there was this other place known as Burger Trip. Small, cozy place where it was mainly locals who dined it and it was packed coz the food was good.
Here we ordered the huge Xalapa.  I know the place is Burger Trip and we should be eating burgers but this was recommended by someone. So the dish was huge, at first I was like how are we going to finish this. It was filled with potato sticks, cheese, tandoori chicken, jalapenos, more cheese and you can literally see it how it was filled to the brim. The taste was it was just mind-blowing. I know I cant finish the whole thing, but I was craving for it 2 days later. Trust me, you need to try this out. You will thank Pallavi later and me as well for mentioning it in the blog.

A small break was needed, so we were driving around for a will till we reached the next place to try another local dish. The Irani Dosa - Regag which you can find at Labeeb Grocery on Jumeria Road. They make different varieties, but we went for the simple, Egg, Cheese and Oman Chips.

To be honest, I did not enjoy this that much but it was something different. I still like the Dosa you get on the streets here in Mumbai. But never the less, you might like it, everyone has different taste buds and palates.

About 10 mins walk from here there was another stop which this friend of mine had planned for me - Dip N Dip. The good thing was that we got this 10 min walk to digest some food and make some space for the Triple Chocolate Brownie Stuffed Crepe. Sounds quite heavy, delicious and mouthwatering, right? It was really good. It was filling but I did enjoy each and every bite of it. I finish like almost half of this. This is a for sure place to go if you liked desserts.

At last, I literally gave up and was like I cant eat more, I'm stuffed. I have gained some weight today. I needed a dose of caffeine after all this. It helps me digest food and feel at ease. We headed to Depresso and ordered the Flat White for her and the Iced Americano for me. Here also my iced americano came with a surprise on top, the donut. Will the food end tonight I was wondering but it did after that last donut. There is not much I can say about my coffee but it did help me.

So the evening came to an end, stuffed, and one thing that was going on my mind was that 'I doubt I will eat breakfast in the morning next day'. But it was a hell of an evening and I did enjoy it. You should try it if you are a foodie and love food like how we do. Also Pallavi Sangtani, this is a warning for you - The next time you are in Mumbai, be prepared and come empty stomach. I'm going to take the revenge :P.

Just in case you are wondering who is Pallavi :P.

Lastly, you can follow her on the below social media handles for her food updates -
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