Garlic Cream & Mushroom Farfalle

To begin with, I hope that all you who are reading this are safe and indoors. We are currently in such a situation where it's difficult to go out, eat some amazing food and even buy groceries and daily essentials. I want to say that this too shall pass and together we will overcome this. 

Let's start with the reason you all are here and that's the recipe. 
Keeping it short, this recipe is very simple, basic and mainly made with things you might have at home or can easily get it in the market (if you decide to step out, make sure you are safe).

While I am also at home, I am trying to make some recipes and have been posting them on my Instagram handle - @hungrybawarchi and you can follow me there and keep an eye out for recipes. 

This recipe is quite simple like I mentioned earlier, you can make it whatever pasta you have at home, it will still taste brilliant and if you can make pasta at home, nothing better than that. 

In case you make the recipe, please feel free to tag me on instagram and share it with me. 

Ingredients - 
Olive Oil - 20 ml
Butter - 20 gms
Chopped Garlic - 8-10 cloves
Button Mushrooms Sliced - 200 gms
Farfalle Pasta - 110 gms
Salt - To taste
Black Pepper Powder - To Taste
Fresh Cream/ Heavy Cream - 30ml - 35 ml
Dried Basil - 3 gms
Dried Chilli Flakes - 3 gms
Parsley - For Garnish

Procedure - 

1. On a stove, bring water to a boil with salt in it. Once it boils, add the pasta to it and let it cook as per the instruction on the packet. 
After its cooked, remove and keep it aside. Also, reserve some of the pasta water for later use, incase we need to adjust the consistency of the sauce. 

2. For the sauce - In a pan/wok, heat up the butter & olive oil & add in the chopped garlic and let it turn golden brown.

3. Add in the sliced mushrooms, a pinch of salt and toss it and let the mushrooms cook. You can use different types of mushrooms but as I only had button mushrooms at home, I went ahead with these only. But you can try with other mushrooms as well.   

4. A couple of minutes later, in goes the black pepper, dried chili flakes and dried basil (if you have access to fresh, chop it up and add it as it will elevate the dish) along with the fresh cream.

Stir all of this and check for seasoning. 

5. Time for the pasta to go in and as soon as you put in the pasta, toss it nicely so that everything gets to know each other.  This is the time you adjust the consistency of the sauce, incase it has dried up, add in the pasta water. Finally in goes some parsley and a final mix before serving.

Tip - if you have some parmesan cheese at home, feel free to use that, it will give the dish a richness.

Note - You can also use other types of pasta like spaghetti or penne or macaroni.

This is best had with some toasted sourdough with some herbed butter

I will try and keep posting more recipes during this period where most of us are indoors due to COVID-19 and looking to cook something for themselves. I will try and post quick recipes that can be made using ingredients that are found in homes or are easily available in the market near you. 

The last thing that I would like to say is that Stay Safe and Stay Indoors. Take care of yourself.


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