Spaghetti with Cheezy Cream Sauce

Spaghetti with cheezy cream sauce



1 – 500gm pack spaghetti
100 ml cream
salt, black pepper to taste.
50 gms parmesan cheese
10 gms chilli flakes
10 gms mixed herbs
10 ml olive oil

1. In a bowl take cream, add in the salt, pepper, mixed herbs and chilli flakes and mix well.
2. Meanwhile boil the spaghetti, till al dente* ( al dente -  to the tooth )
3. add the grated parmesan cheese in the cream mixture.
4. Take boiled spaghetti from the water and put it directly in the cream mixture when hot.
5. Mix well and make sure that the spaghetti is properly coated with the cream sauce.
6. To serve, put it on a plate, sprinkle some herbs, chilli flakes and parmesan cheese on top to make it look attractive.
7. Just drizzle olive oil and serve hot.

* Al dente - not boiled 100%, just so that there is a bite when having the pasta.

Note - 
1. Season the boiling water properly as it is very difficult to season the pasta later.
2. Do not add oil to the pasta while boiling, this will make the sauce not stick to the pasta.
3. Any cheese can be use instead of parmesan.