Reasons Chefs Are Better At Life


( this article is based on what i learnt and have experienced during my working period in the hotel )

Being a chef today is very different than it was even just a few years ago. Chefs used to be invisible workhorses hiding behind a stove, churning out glorious dish after glorious dish without much recognition and name from their diners and guests. But now the whole dynamic has changed. Chefs are the reason to go to a restaurant. They are no less than like rockstars.

One thing that hasn't changed in all this time is the life of a chef, and how extremely difficult it can be. Chefs work when everyone else is off. On their feet; without breaks; in a hot kitchen, in front of the hot stove and on the move all the time. The work is intense, fast-paced and demands perfection every time. Cuts and burns are expected. And yet, their career choice is now revered by many people who only wish they had the courage to devote their life to back-breaking long hours all in the name of great and delicious food.

  • Chefs have the best of friends. 


When you work in the food industry, you make friends in the food industry. And sometimes, the best of those people get together to throw you a killer surprise party. There is always time for breaks, have a cup of tea or a drink with the chef friends and no one can stop us.

  • They can eat whatever they want, whenever they want it. 

If we want pancakes, we can make them ourselves and that to with different flavors and toppings. In the mood for melt-off-the-bone ribs or melt in mouth pork shoulder, we can make ourselves that too. One of the best things to happen in a kitchen.

  • Edible art is their craft.

Would you just look at that plate, its filled with that WOW!!! factor.

  • They're tough. 


Working 12-16 hour days ON YOUR FEET, standing all day long working behind the stove and making every guest happy. Chefing definitely isn't for everyone, but if you can do it you get to proudly wear the badge of being one badass and nobody messes around with you.
  • It's their job to try good food everyday. 

Another best part of being a chef is that we get to try real good food everyday from chicken to pork to beef and what not.
  • Chefs have the best toys. 

Not just knives either, but vacuum machine, food processors, and sous vide machines and many more, another chance nobody messes with us, it can be a cow, or a pig they always get to take a view at out best toys.
  • They work hard and party harder. 

Okay, not all chefs party hard, but some do. And they do it right because when you work late nights, you tend to stay out late too. And all kinds of great things happen late at night.

  • Chefs get to play with the best of ingredients.

Truffles, sea urchins, or caviar you name it, we get in the kitchen to play around with them, try them and make something out of it.
  • Butter is their best friend.


They have been highly trained to not be scared of butter. And they use it with abandon. This is a trait many of us could learn from. There is no one to control us on using this, it can be in any way, cooking or baking.
  • Chefs are never bored on the job.


Because they have about a million things to do at once, so the time just flies by, and we love it. We enjoy in what we do and even what we dont do.
  • They know to pay close attention to detail.

Paying close attention to every element on the plate before serving and making sure that each dish is just perfect and replica of the other.
  • A suit and tie is not something they have to worry about.


Plus, we get to wear clogs to work. And pajama pants, basically what we are comfortable in wearing.

  • They get to feed people for a living.

It's one of the greatest joys in life and we love it when the guest leaves the place smiling with out food, like our motto says " customer satisfaction is the key to success"

P.S - an article from my after training report. ( some of them taken from here and there as well )