Review - The BirdSong Cafe

With so many restaurants coming up in bombay, people are forgetting the old jewels and the old, small, hidden restaurants.
The amount of restaurants in Bombay is quite high and each having their own speciality. There are restaurants who are know for the food, some for their ambiance and service, many of them are classified as heritage as they have being tested by the time, some are cafes with lovely ambiance and food.

Recently I was going to meet an old friend of mine, and I mean really old. We decided to meet over for some light snack cum dinner. After talking to quite a few friends and suggestions from people around about a good restaurant with wonderful food, the place chosen was The BirdSong Cafe. 

When I looked at the place, it seemed like it has been hiding from me since a very long time, it looked really good, and a bit on the expensive side if you just peek inside.
As I entered the restaurant with my friend, we took the table, and sat. The place seemed like a perfect location for a date or a romantic dinner, I would say.
Dim lights, wooden chairs and tables, simple and short menu, not very exotic but very simple, just the way I like a restaurant to be. There was not much of decor at the place.

The server handed over the menu and we ordered just tow dishes, Tomato, Basil and Cheese Sandwich and Spaghetti in Chicken Cream Sauce.

Meeting a friend after a long time, so for sure, there had to be lots of talking and to catch up what going on in each others life. The Tomato, Basil and Cheese Sandwich arrived, and it looked just amazing, was an open sandwich but still simple plating, not very great presentation, but taste wise, just beautiful. The flavors were balanced, the bread was nice and crispy, just amazing.


So over to the next dish, the Spaghetti in Chicken Cream Sauce, took a bit of time to arrived, but we were in no hurry. Again, simple plating and presentation. Taste wise, the pasta was cooked perfectly, it was spot on, and it is a bit difficult to get the pasta absolutely right. The chicken was tender and juicy, but personally, i don't like pasta with lots of sauce, like the one served here, but taste wise, I would neglect that and eat.

With the pasta over, we were done with the meal and wanted nothing more but to go home and rest.
Paid the bill, left and had a really good experience here
Over all, lovely ambiance, perfect for a date or romantic dinner, delicious food, taste wise as well as quantity wise, price wise, quite reasonable.

I will for sure make a visit to this place soon, and I would say, it is worth coming.

The BirdSong Cafe

Waroda Road, Behind American Express Bakery,
Near Jude Bakery, Hill Road, 
Bandra West, Mumbai - 50
022 33487845