A healthy salad from the Mediterranean region, made from the most easily available ingredients. 
It is one of my favorite salads.
When I was working, I use to have a bowl of this salad everyday and still love it. Try it once, and I am sure you will make it over and over again. 


Ingredients - 
250 gms - Parsley chopped and chilled.
50 gms - Chopped Tomatoes.
50 gms - Chopped Onions.
20 ml - Lemon Juice.
50 gms - Bulgur
Salt and pepper to taste. 
20 ml - Olive Oil
30 gms - Chopped Mint.

Method - 
1. In a bowl, take the Parsley, Tomatoes, Onions, Mint, Bulgur, and mix well.
2. Add the Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, Season, and mix well.
3. Keep in the fridge to chill and serve chilled.

Note - 
1. Bulgur can be substituted with the Buckwheat soaked in hot water. 
2. The salad can be had without the use of Bulgur also.
3. Remember to chill the chopped parsley.