Orange Spice

I always like to have some or the other drink with my lunch. Even if it is a glass of juice or as common as a glass of the good old Nimbu Pani. 
Experiment is one of those thing I and my Mom like to do always, no matter even if the dish turns out to be a bit bad. 

This time, I had some orange juice and some tabasco near me and got a crazy idea or doing something with these. 

Ingredients - 
Orange Juice - 200 ml
Mint Leaves - a handful
Tabasco - few dashes
Lemon Juice - 20 ml
Cumin Powder - a pinch
Ice - as required

Method - 
1. The the serving glass and put some ice in it to chill it.
2. In a cocktail shaker, take some ice, pour in the orange juice.
3. Roughly tear the mint leaves with the hand and put them in the shaker.
4. Add in the rest of the ingredients, tabasco, lemon juice and close the shaker
5. Shake well.
6. Throw the ice from the serving glass and strain the juice in the glass.
7. Garnish with mint leaves and orange wedge and serve chilled. 


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