Tuesday, 13 January 2015

No Churn, Quick Ice-Cream.

The thing that inspired me to develop this recipe was my younger brother. He is an ice-cream lover and loves different flavors of ice-cream.

Usually people think that ice-cream takes lots of time to make, it is also said that, one needs to churn it a couple of times to obtain a smooth texture.
This recipe is the opposite and to change peoples idea about that long process of making ice-creams.

Image Source - http://moraicecream.com/wp-content/uploads/42-Irish-coffee.png

Ingredients -

600 gms - Double Cream/Heavy Cream
325 ml -350 ml - Condensed Milk
2 pcs - Vanilla Bean Pods
15 ml - Coffee Concentrate

Method - 
1. Take the Double Cream and Condensed Milk in a big bowl.
2. Using an electric egg beater, whip the mixture until light and fluffy.
3. Once the mixture has incorporated air, divide them into 2 portions.
4. In one bowl, add in the Coffee Concentrate.
5. Scrape the seeds from the vanilla bean and add it to the second bowl and mix well
6. Put the mixtures in air-tight containers and keep it in the freezer to chill.
7. Serve chilled.

Note - 
1. Flavors can be substituted with choice.
2. If vanilla bean is not available, it can be replaced using vanilla essence.
3. Add in some alcohol, it will not let the ice cream freeze completely and help maintain the texture, this being completely optional.

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