Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken, I am sure, is everyones all time favorite dish, and each one has their own 'adda' (place) where you get the best butter chicken. Being a chef and a foodie, I love eating and exploring for food, A couple of months back, I was actually on a hunt to find the best butter chicken in town and must have tried eating at around 18 places for it and came up with a conclusion, that homemade butter chicken is the best and that to when I make it, as I'm sitting at home and enjoying it while watching television, talking to family.
Its totally another experience sitting together and having it without having to roam around much.

But if you know where I can find the best butter chicken in Mumbai. do comment below.

Ingredients -
Chicken boneless - 1 breast
Fresh Cream - 200 ml
Tomato Paste - 20 gms
Onions - 50 gms
Garlic - 10 gms
Kasuri Methi - 10 gms
Salt - To taste
Butter - 50 gms

Method - 
1. In a pan, take half butter, and saute the garlic and the onions till almost brown.
2. Add in the tomato paste and cook it till the tanginess is not left.
3. Add in the chicken pieces and little water and let the chicken cook.
4. Once the chicken is done, add in the cream, season it with salt, butter and mix well.
5. Sprinkle Kasuri Methi and some coriander and mix well.

Note - 
1. After adding the cream, do not cook it much, as the cream might split.
2. Some milk could be added in order to obtain the consistency and in place of only cream in order to reduce to calorie intake.
3. Add some sugar to bring down the tanginess.


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