HungryBawarchi Turns One.

Often people say that what ever happens, happens for a reason. In the end it depends on the person on how you take it, in positive way or in a negative way. Also there are things which you dont plan and happen. Today exactly one year ago, I starting blogging, not for any motive, just for fun, to share my food knowledge and interact with people.

In the past one year, a lot has happened, I have made so many new friends, they have become a like family to me. The family, who is only interested in food and only food. In the last one year, I have also learnt a lot from my fellow bloggers, how to grow, how to interact, what to talk, when to talk and how much to talk. Hearing everyone talk about food, has got me to learn more about it, the flavors, the experiments, the various techniques and more.

Today, The Hungry Bawarchi is something due to one important person, who has always helped me, encouraged, and build a name. That person is non other than Mr. Sameer Malkani, Founder FBAI - Food Bloggers Association India. He is one of those guys, who will never say no to you for any help.

To name a few people that have been close to me and will always be are - Jahan (@Toxicbaker), one of my closest friends and my partner for my youtube channel, Roshan Shetty (@Thebigfatshetty), again one of my partners for the youtube channel, Zenia Irani (@ZeniaIrani), that one friend, who knows a lot me and I can always trust, Riya Patel (@yimt15), she is another very close friend of mine and one who knows a lot about me (get in touch with her if you want information about me :P). But there are many others also always in my heart and I consider them a family.

Not to forget, after meeting two amazing people, Jahan and Roshan, we three came together and started with a youtube channel called 'FatToxicBawarchi' (@Fatoxicbawarchi), which is all about food, restaurant reviews, fun and more. Please visit the channel, if you enjoy, do subscribe to it.

As HungryBawarchi is a year old now, there is something new I wanted to reveal, a new logo, a new trademark something I hope you all will like.

It would be great if you could all give me your feedback about the logo.

To end this, its been a great year, and I would like to thank each and everyone who has been a part of it, helped me, supported me, encouraged me and for everything. Thank You.

Last but not the least, you can follow me on
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  1. aww mohit. I just read the post. Kudos to all that you've achieved in the past year. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

    1. I must thank you for being with me all the time Z,
      U have really been of great help.

  2. Congrats again! You know how proud I am of you and your baby. You are so passionate and dedicated that you deserve every bit of this. Its been a year and you've accomplished so much.
    Just keep going and don't you ever stop. Actually you don't have to worry about that cause I won't let you ��
    Thank you for letting me be a special part of your life now. You already know what you mean to me.
    Here's to a lot more successes in life!

    1. Thank you soo much, and i know you will always be there with me to support me and push me ahead.
      Also you don;t need to thank me for being a part of mylife, you are really nice, sweet and you know what you mean to me.

  3. Logo looks fab ! Congrats on turning one :) Looking forward to more of your recipes and tips in the kitchen :)

    1. Thank you soo much for wishes. I hope that I continue to share more interesting recipes and tips which can be of help to people.
      Last but not the least, thank you for helping me and giving me some tips here and there on improvising the blog.


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