Chicken Schnitzel

At times many of my friends and relatives ask me for quick and easy recipe which can be made with just a few ingredients.  Keeping that in mind, I decided to make this recipe and share it with all you out there. You can either have it just like it is or make a sandwich out of it and have. Trust me it tastes amazing and the crunch you get from the chicken is something I will not die for :P

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The recipe always begins with taking a picture of the ingredients so that we remember what we had put when we make it the next time. (;P).
So below are the ingredients

Mustard Sauce - 20 gms
Salt - 5 gms
Black Pepper Powder - 5 gms
Flour - 100 gms
Chicken Breast - 1 no, (butterflied)
Panko Crumbs - 100 gms
Eggs - 2 nos. (Here I have used the leftover egg whites that I had.)
Oil - To shallow fry.

1. Open the chicken breast and dry it with a kitchen towel, sprinkle salt and pepper and massage.

2. Put the mustard sauce on the breast and spread it well so that the chicken breast is covered properly. Once done, let it aside for a couple of minutes so that chicken gets the flavor of mustard.

3. After a while, take the marinated chicken and coated with flour (season the flour a little bit with salt and pepper). Dust off the excess flour and keep it aside.


4. Make it take a dip in the egg white, make sure the egg is there on both the sides.

5. Once they are done with their bath in egg white, its time for something dry, i.e. panko crumbs (you can use normal bread crumbs but wont get the same texture as you get from the panko). Meanwhile in a pan, heat oil to that you can shallow fry the chicken.

6. Make sure its coated properly and the crumbs are stuck and are covering the chicken.

7. Once the oil is heated up, slowly put in the chicken and fry till golden brown on both sides and cooed perfectly.

8. Once they are cooked, remove them on a kitchen towel and let the excess oil drain off.

Serve it while its still and crispy and juicy and tender and moist and lot more (Im already drooling as I write this article, Might go and make some for me.), along with wedge of lime and some mustard sauce.

You can make a burger of the same as well and have it which will again be juicy and crunchy. 

In case you try out the recipe, do comment and let me know how it turned out.