Tiramisu 'Pick Me Up'

This is the first recipe that I learnt when I was on my hotel training 4 years ago. The first day when I entered the Italian kitchen of the hotel, my chef asked me, what is that one dish you love or would like to learn to which I replied - "Tiramisu is something I love eating and want to learn if possible." He said, you will start your training in the cold section of the kitchen where you will learn the desserts, salads and more.

The other day, I was craving for some Tiramisu, and decided to make some and have it rather than going out and spending money. My grand mom say "When you know something and can make it yourself, why spend money and go out. Make it at home and not only for yourself, but for others as well.".

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Lets note down the Ingredients first.

Ingredients -
Eggs Yolks - 2
Whipping Cream - 300 ml
Mascarpone Cheese  - 150 gms
Castor Sugar - 70 gms
Coffee Reduction - 20 ml
Sponge Cake or Lady Finger Biscuits - 1 Pack
Cocoa Powder - For Garnish.

Methodology :P

1. In a steel bowl, take the egg yolk, mascarpone cheese, castor sugar, coffee reduction and blend it well till smooth. Keep it aside to chill for sometime.

2. In another steel bowl, take the whipping cream (make sure its chilled or else it wont whip, you can whip is over a bowl of ice as well.) and whip it till stiff peaks.
You can use your hands to whip the cream if you missed going to the gym on that day. Its a very good exercise :P.

3. Take the whipped cream from the fridge, the cheese and coffee mixture. Fold the cream into the cheese mixture little at a time. Repeat the process until all the cream is mixed. Keep the mixture into the fridge to chill for sometime. BTW do keep a spoon in order to taste the mixture but dont forget, you just have to taste and not eat and eat and eat. :P

4. Lastly comes the assembling of the Tiramisu. To begin that there is one more thing that we will need i.e. some coffee powder boiled together with water and then cooled. The purpose of this liquid is, we will soak the cake or the lady finger biscuits in this liquid and then layer them. 
So lets begin layering the dessert. 
At the base spread some of the cream evenly, then take the biscuit or the cake, dip it in the coffee liquid and arrange it over the cream. Create a layer of the cake/biscuit then spread a layer of the cream on top and repeat the same until you reach the top. (Just like the top of the Eiffel tower :P)

5. Dust the top with some Cocoa powder before serving and remember to serve chilled. Because this tastes best when its CHILLED. 



  1. What I like most in this blog is its name, it is so catchy. Now coming to the recipe you shared it looks good and not that hard to make. I hope it will be good in taste as well. Thank you for sharing the recipe

    1. Thank you. Yes, the recipe is easy and does taste good. I had learnt it from my chef when I was working in Dubai.
      Do follow the blog for more recipes.

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