Scrambled Eggs - Home Style or My Style.

In my previous recipe of scrambled eggs which were inspired by Jamie Oliver's video on youtube. I had said that I will come back with another recipe which is quick and easy and will taste good as well. The previous recipe was a bit slow and long and tasty at the same time, but this recipe is for people who are impatient like me :P.

This is that recipe which I make for myself when my mom is not at home and Im all alone and hungry. All I do it, open the fridge, remove whatever I can find there, start cutting the vegetables like onions, tomatoes, chilies and more and mix it along with some eggs and rest of the recipe you will find it below with the images of each step.

Lets start with the ingredients -

Eggs - 2 nos
Butter - alot
Green Chilies - 2 whole chopped
Onion - 1/2 chopped
Tomato - 1/2 chopped
Coriander - A handful.
Red Chili Powder - 1 tsp
Coriander Powder - 1/2 tsp
Bun - 1 cut in to two, like mine.

To start with the recipe, make sure that everything is ready with you coz we aint stopping in the middle.

1. Take the eggs in a bowl, break them, add in some salt and whisk nicely.

2. Heat up a pan, put in good amount of butter, (life ka alsli maza makhan main aata hai. :P).  Add in the chopped tomatoes, chopped onions and green chilies (you can adjust the chili as per your taste, I like it spicy, I added a little more.) Cook the vegetables till they are soft but still juicy. 

3. It is now time to give it that Indian touch by adding in the masalas and spices. I have added red chili powder, dried coriander powder and some salt. You need to mix it well and cook the masalas as well making sure that everything is evenly distributed. 

4. Now time for the main ingredient, the anda, the eggs. Put the same in the pan and mix it well so that all the vegetables, masalas and eggs get to know each other :P. The egg also should get cook while we follow the process of mixing. 

5. Lets make the Bhurji lively by adding in some hara dhaniya - Coriander. The green leaves give it the color contrast that one needs for a dish to look little pretty. Mix well in the end and check for the seasoning. 

There is one last thing that you need to do in order to enjoy the indian style scrambled eggs. 

6. Take the bun, apply a good amount of butter and toast it over high heat on a pan. It should become crispy and buttery at the same time. 

Assemble the dish together as in the below picture to make it look good so that you can take a picture of the same and put it up on your social media. But in case you make it and you like it, do let me know. You can also tag me in the image on Twitter - @HungryBawarchi, on Instagram - HungryBawarchi and Facebook - The Hungry Bawarchi.

Also, in case you have any request on a recipe and want me to make it and put it up on my blog, do let me know, would love to experiment and take up challenges. 


  1. Such an amazing recipe you have there. I always enjoy eating Scrambled Eggs and I think you're detailed recipe is going to help me make a treat for myself.

  2. Wow! This looks awesome! Thank you for sharing the recipe, gotta try it very soon!
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